Explain Pay Progression?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by audiblenectar, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. audiblenectar

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    on Aug 22 I will be working in the Preload for one year, however I am still at just $11.00 and hour. I know I will get my $.50 on the 22.

    However can someone explain the 08/01/2017 $.50 wage increase on why some people got it and some others? A couple guys on my pen got it but me and this other guy whos been here for 1.5 years did not get the $.50. Also I read in the Wage Progressions that there was a raise in February 2017 for PTers, however I don't understand when and how these are supposed to apply to me, can someone explain please? Thanks
  2. upschuck

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    You only get those raises after you pass the 4 yr mark, as outlined in art 22 of the contract. Before then, you get the yearly wages on you anniversary date.
  3. audiblenectar

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    So I work a year and get 50 cents then another and get 50 cents then a dollar and so on? And then after I hit the 4 year mark this is relevant?
  4. upschuck

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    Yes, unless it changes this next contract.
  5. DriverNerd

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    Exactly this. You won't know your actual pay raises from August 2018 and on until the next contract comes out.
  6. MzTeaze

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    Actually I am interested in this as well. I've looked at the union website but don't see the starting pay if you start at $10.20. When do you make progressions - just after one year? or is there a slight progression after 30 days?
  7. Delivery!!!

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    If you were hired after aug.1 2013 you'll get pay raises on your seniority date anniversary. Since you started at 10.20 you'll get a thirty cent raise to 10.50 after a year. Search the Web and download a copy of the contract to your phone. I keep the master, regional and local supplements on mine.
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  8. llamainmypocket

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    Essentially, you're at minimum wage until progression in the contract puts you over. In Portland, minimum wage progression is higher than the contract so you'd be at minimum wage until you hit the 4 year mark