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    I am a part time air driver in the southern region. My center is forcing me on Saturdays and not going by seniority. Can they do this? If not what do I do? I won the bid for the air shuttle and drive it Mon thru Friday. Is this considered a sixth punch? I called my union rep and he said they had to go by seniority and to tell them I an not going to show up. Can they fire me for not showing up? I would like to have some type of written proof from the contract to back this up before standing my ground and not knowing for sure. I have tried to deal with this before and only got threats about changing my schedule to a Tues - sat and Mon will be the extra work. If that is the case should the seniority rule still apply. If they put my name on the list and force me every time does that deny the senior labor the chance to do the extra work? Could they grieve that. I need some help figuring this out.
  2. Brownslave688

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    Offer work from the top force from the bottom. That's the way it works. If you're forced to work don't just not show up. File a grievance that someone under you wasn't forced to work.
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    Sounds good i do not want to get charged for not showing up. The full time sup knows this but why do I have to grieve this to get it to work? Is that considered a form of intimidation? If it is then how can I approach that? It just seems inefficient for the full time sup to disregard the proper order of doing his job. Also how does the seniority differentiate between full time part time cover driver?
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    If you do file be prepared to have your work schedule changed to Tuesday through Saturday with Monday being the extra day.
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    Tue-sat with min being the extra day also means mon is the 7th punch and is double time pay in my neck of the woods.
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    You need to make it well known that you are being forced to work a six punch to all FT employees you come in contact with. If I knew you were working a 6 punch before me I would file and we'd both get paid. Hopefully you have a few people in your center that would want to work and help you resolve this staffing issue, otherwise you better hope you ain't the low man in senority.
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    I understand your concern.

    I would not want to be forced to work an extra day either if it was within my rights not to be forced.

    I won't tell you what to do but I will tell you what I would do or have done in similar situations.( Some of which you have already done)

    I would check the contract to see where and if it actually states what the company can and can't do, and what are the rights of the employee in these situations. This is not a new issue.

    Based upon this I would then decide what my next step will be.

    I, like you, would work and then grieve it. I would not just not show up on the words only of a Union Official.

  8. PT Car Washer

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    You fall under Art. 40. 6th day is straight time unless you have over 40 hours in. My center also does not go by seniority. Afraid too many people would quit. Show up but file on it. Being PT, UPS can change your schedule. Work as directed.
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  9. PT Car Washer

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    He is a PT Air Driver. Unlike a FT driver you can disqualify yourself and go back to the hub if you don't like it. We lost all of our PT Saturday drivers one year because of a new FT sup treating us like FT drivers. He later was fired.
  10. saintrick

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    (k) Saturday or Sunday Air Work
    (1) To perform Saturday or Sunday air work the Employer and the
    Union recognize the need for air drivers other than those regularly
    scheduled. Qualified part-time employees who are interested in performing
    this work will so notify the Employer, be certified and be
    placed in seniority order on a posted qualified air driver list. Such
    work will be first offered in seniority order to employees on the
    qualified list who have not worked more than thirty-seven (37)
    hours in the current week. This work shall then be offered in seniority
    order to qualified part-time employees regardless of hours
    worked. If the scheduling needs still cannot be met, and additional
    employees are needed, the Employer may force qualified part-time
    employees in reverse seniority order.

    (2) These employees shall be paid at the air driver’s straight-time
    rate of pay in accordance with Section 6 below. Time and one-half
    (1-1/2) will be paid after eight (8) hours per day or after forty (40)
    hours per week.

    (3) All employees working as an air driver on Saturday or Sunday
    under this Section shall have a three (3) hour guarantee.
  11. upschuck

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    If they change your days from tues-sat, then you would have a bump coming, and could bump someone that still has mon-fri, if there is still one with less seniority. That is how it works in the central region, not sure about southern.
  12. Notretiredyet

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    In the past we've worked on Saturday cleaning up as much as we could to start the next week with less of a backlog from the prior week. Now they would rather pay us time and a half to work in the dark all week rather than during the daylight on Saturday. Give me a set of tire chains and a promise to not charge me for an accident if I get stuck and most of those EC in this area would get delivered.
  13. phoneman

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    I am the only pt air driver and the only one that has the airport security clearance badge. There are other people that deliver air in the morning but the seniority list does not list them as air drivers. The Saturday drivers at our center are all cover drivers except for me and a occasional FT senor driver that bid for the Saturday extra work on the sign up sheet. If I do have seniority over any cover driver they should force them to run the shuttle. This is specific from a smaller center to another to pick up their air pickups and take them to a hub center scanned and put on a trailer.
  14. phoneman

    phoneman New Member

    how does the 6 th day rule apply? I have not been paid time and a half for working 6 th day for extra work. I have raised this question before and told this was not covered in the contract. I read in the july contract that any 6th day is paid more. Article 12 section 9. If I was getting the premium pay then the center would try to schedule someone that was not working a 6th punch and the problem would be solved. I do not mind working extra work occasionally but being forced indefinitely is not fair. Being penalized for trying to get off on that day, Option day, of being charged no-show, if I request off and get denied then forced and I call in for being sick that is being dishonest this is getting tiring.
  15. browniehound

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    Not sure why you would file a grievance for the reason that you are given work. Wouldn't grievances be for situations where you are denied work when work was available and someone with less seniority did it?

    I would feel stupid because what would you be looking for as a remedy to the situation? Money? If it was money, I would say then why not work and receive money for doing so? See where I'm coming from? You file a grievance because you don't want to work and are seeking money for that? I'm thinking an impartial observer would say no way, what are you crazy? A man earns his money and doesn't whine about having to work to earn it.
  16. opie

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    Saturday Air is a good gig. It's relatively 'easy' work. Why wouldn't you want to do it?
  17. Brownslave688

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    Some people have a life outside of work.
  18. PT Car Washer

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    Saturday is a great job. Saintrick wrote out the answers to most of your questions in post 10 above. I know it is straight time and you may have to take a cut in pay from working inside. I make $6.00 an hour less on Saturday. If it is that big of a deal disqualify yourself from driving.
  19. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    The guy is PT. Can't afford a life.
  20. bumped

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    I wouldn't want to do it because of being forced to work the day after Thanksgiving(at straight time), NYE(at straight time), ad most importantly Christmas Eve. Being forced to work Christmas Eve alone would make me not want to be an air driver.