Falsification of United Way contribution

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    I went online to UPSers today, as I do every Thursday, to view my pay stub. But today wasn't like every other Thursday. I found a new deduction listed. UNITED WAY... $1.00

    Now I know $1.00 is not a lot of money. In fact, had I been given the form to fill out, I would have contributed more than a dollar per week. However, they (management) never gave me one of those cards to fill out. So why do I now have a weekly deduction coming out of my paycheck? Could it have been a simple clerical error?...I suppose anything is possible. However given managements past actions and precedent, it is more likely and most probable that some member of my management team decided to falsify paperwork and decided that I can afford to give up a dollar a week.

    So with that said and done, what is my recourse of action? Again, it's not the amount that bothers me. It's the principle of the matter.

    I grew up an army brat and if there is one thing I wish UPS management would adopt, it is an honor code. "...will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do". - United State Military Academy West Point
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  3. Yeah right. If that were the case they'd have to get rid of everyone above Division Manager level in the whole company. The only way you GET to those levels is to lie cheat and steal.

  4. That is a complete mis-characterization...

    They eat their young to get to that level.
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    Don't even get me started on United Way. There's a driver in our building that has a son that was born with severe medical problems. The child has had 6 operations so far in his first 12 months of life. His wife, of course has been by her son's side every single minute. My brother driver has been THE sole support of income for the family. He has taken time off to be with his son as much as possible. The family has needless to say fallen WAY behind on all their bills. He applied to United Way for assistance. He was told that he didn't qualify for help based on the fact that he made $105 more per year then their guidlines allow. So, myself and the rest of my fellow drivers informed our Center Manager that NONE of us would be giving to United Way this year but instead would be donating to our fellow driver. The company was irrate. Had United Way reps come in and address the situation. To no avail. Then after getting no where with us, now the company is putting on a fund raising dinner and silent auction for the driver and his family later this month. Info about his is on UPSers.com in the Atlantic District headlines.
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    I would take it up with the Payroll and HR departments to have it corrected. I agree it's not a lot of money but it's the Integrity part that needs to be addressed in this case. While I support the United Way it is by choice. If I found myself in this position I would be made too.
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    To get things moving quicker I'd let it be known that the gov't will soon be getting involved. I'm not a legal beagle (never had to reason to be one), but maybe the state Atty General's office shold know about this.
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    I would bet somewhere in your Center Managers dest or hidden in a file cabinet is a plaque saying "Thank you for having 100% participation in the United Way drive".
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    I would DEFINATELY take this up with payroll, and DEMAND to see the UW card that you allegedly signed authorizing this.
    And if it IS signed (forged), a call to the UPS ethics hotline would be next.
  10. Word from certain management personal was that district manager set goal amounts, and what ever amount they fell short the management ranks had to cover, either direct contribution or fund raisers to cover the short fall.
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    I had to laugh at that one.UPS does set a goal for each center for United Way,ever notice how hard the local managers try to get you to contribute?I was told by a member of our management team if that goal wasn't reached with Union employees, management had to make up the difference out of pocket.(Any supes reading feel free to correct if not factual)
    As far as correcting the issue,notify your center manager of the payroll error and let em know you will give him/her until the next pay period to correct and re-imburse,if not corrected the following pay period right a grievance under Article 17 National Master. How it started being deducted in the first place is anyones guess,from what I have seen time after time nothing suprises me anymore.
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    I am sure the Atty General's office wants to get involved in a $1 a week fraud case!:wink2: ROFLMAO!!!!

    Maybe it is just a mistake....If you really, really believe that your supervisor pulled a fast one, go to HR and the Security Dept. and make a formal complaint.
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    Bad Company

    The United Way pledge cards are available once input into the system. Get with your manager and have him contact the United Way Coordinator for your district. Payroll extracts the information from a website, so no need to bother them, however, your deductions will be stopped if requested by you. If your United Way card was falsified, then contact your Security dept.

    To address some other issues regarding the United Way Campaign.

    I had the pleasure of running a United Way Campaign twice in my career at UPS. Goals are set for every dept/operations and the district.

    Every dept/division manager had a coordiantor for their areas of responsibility. It is this coordinator who received all the information for United Way and responsible to get the cards back to the District Coordinator.

    If dept or divison fell short of their goal, then they fell short. If the management team contributed more to make their goal, then that was a personal decision. You see contributing stock is a benefit for a shareholder, as you get a charitable deduction, along with saving capital gains tax, that you have to pay if you sold the stock, and you could repurchase the shares donated at a 10% discount through the Discounted Employee stock program.

    The company knows they will never have 100% participation, and quite honestly, as a coordinator it was the monies collected, not the % participation that support your local agencies in your communities.

    You and only you make the decision to support the United Way, and you should never be coerced to contribute. I only speak ffrom my experience at UPS and the United Way.
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    I agree with the decision being up to the employee. It seems lately the push to get people to donate to the UW isn't as strong as it was in the past. When I was a FT Hub Supv, my div mgr told us it was our job to get every one of our people to contribute to the UW. If we couldn't convince them then the person had to sit with the sort mgr. If the sort mgr couldn't do his job, then the division mgr himself would t/w the hourly. I thought that was bull. At the time I wasn't that far removed from being a starving college student and I needed every last dollar I could earn. Personally I think if you have the money available you should help out and give to a worthy cause. Weather you feel that worthy cause is the UW or another organization or your church, fine.
    I think the United Way and UPS offers an easy way to give to charity thru payroll deductions, but I think it should be a choice by the employee.
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    100% partner .We give and just say how much. Please?:angry:
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    I don't know if that is true or not, but a couple of years ago the Supervisor running my Center's United Way Drive "accidently" left a paper on the Driver's Checkout Counter that had how much each person in the Center was giving. Most of the management team was giving 3-5 grand apiece. I would rather give that directly to a church or other non-profit where I knew exactly how that was going to be used.
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    Scratch, I don't even trust churches any more let alone other not-for-profit charities. Was giving to the United Way in the early 90's when the President(or some other higher up) was found to be pilfering funds so I stopped giving. Sorry, once bitten, twice shy.
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    The way management sees it, they would rather give $3-$5k then lose their jobs.
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    Sounds like someone filled your United Way form for you. In which case they had to forge your signature. I would look into this.
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    First of all, I would like to thank all of you who opined. I sincerely appreciate every one’s suggestions. I have not yet had an opportunity to speak with my management team, but plan on doing so first thing Monday. My intention is to try and remain as tactful as possible. The supervisor that was responsible for the United Way campaign at my building is no longer assigned to my center, and it is quite possible that none of my current management team is aware of what occurred.