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  1. got2bh3

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    Any one out there know the specifics on family working at ups?

    I have a brother that would like to become a driver, as I am a driver.

    I've heard that it is not possible any info would be appriciated. Thanks!!
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    Welcome to the Brown Cafe!

    If you go to the UPS discussions thread you will get a better response to your question.

  3. Pkgfairy

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    Lets see in my family we have a feeder driver almost 25 yrs at ups, a pkg car driver 3 yrs from 25, preloader almost 4 yrs, and a local sort "who went over to the darkside" as P/T supervision, 3yrs. Family gatherings 1/2 hour max then no more ups talk.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Are you talking immediate or extended family? I think the limitations are on immediate family members.