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    It was announced on June 1st that CTSG would no longer exist and would now be placed into the computer operations department.

    One could argue for and against the value that CTSG brought to the organization and this post isn't to debate that, this post is to let the truth be told about the personal injustices that took place with
    this "decision"

    By placing CTSG into computer operations we were told in the corporate communication would "streamline" efforts. Why? Because they both "deploy" applications to the field. That makes sense if that was all the CTSG did, but it isn't and again this post won't go into justification of CTSG as a department.

    What I will discuss are the injustices done by the portfolio manager of Scared Services when making this move.

    How were people affected by this decisions notified about this change?
    • Manager number 1 was removed from a commercial airline by an attendant and instructed to call his HR manager.
    • Manager number 2 was called by the corporate HR manager and told not to get onto a scheduled flight but to report to the Mahwah building
    • Manager number 3 was told he had to be in Mahwah at 7am to sign paperwork.
    This is just another example of how horrible these senior managers are, it isn't as if they woke up and decided this that day! This decision was months in preparation and yet this is how they have to execute (no pun intended) the notification?

    Now let's look at the distortion of the truth that these same, so called leaders, communicated to us personally in a conference room on June 1st at 1PM.

    They told us that this move was a resource neutral decision, that isn't true there are 33 people that have been or will be affected by this dimwitted decision.
    30 people in computer operations will now be subjected to a proficiency test that will be used to determine who will be offered an opportunity in the company and who will be asked to leave
    3 managers were demoted and will have their pay reduced accordingly.

    The three managers that were told they no longer have a position in the company have 77 years of service between the three of them.
    • One manager spent more than 12 years in Asia and Europe for UPS
    • Two of the managers have moved their families multiple times, children had to leave friends, spouses had to get new jobs and memories are left behind all for UPS.
    • Two of the managers hold an MBA
    • All three of the managers are now faced with the prospect of having to sell their home and move due to the cut in pay they are now faced with.

    We won't know the fate of the 30 people in computer operations for a few more weeks but I wish them the best of luck.

    • Why is it that there is a manager in computer operations that is still a division manager after he told the company he couldn't relocate nine months AFTER he was promoted. His promotion was to be in Atlanta now he is in Mahwah at the same level. But the three CTSG managers were told there are no openings at their level.
    • Why is there still going to be an option manager job in the old CTSG reporting to computer operations, that will not be filled by one of these mangers?
    • Why wouldn't one of these managers have been offered the position that the ex region manager currently holds? He is retiring soon, why not move one of them into that job. (ex region manager due to being caught sleeping with his HR manager, which is a story unto itself)
    • Two other retirements have been announced that will take place in the coming months, why not place these people in those positions?

    The answer to all of this is simply that the scared services portfolio manager has a personal issue with all three of these managers.

    The decision to demote these managers was not based on availability it was based on his personal disdain for these managers because they questioned him over the years and no one can do that without paying a price.

    I wish the 30 people in computer operations good luck with the challenges they face in the coming months and I wish the displaced managers well as they are tossed aside like spoiled fodder.[/B][/B]
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    JimmytheTech -

    Valid points on all bullets! I couldn't have said it better myself.
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    • After seeing the way the company treats people who gave their all, it really makes me wonder why I stay here. With 10 years to go until retirement, I sincerely doubt they will let me or anyone else get there anymore.
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    What goes around comes around. In my opinion it couldn't have happened to a more deserving collection of "Partners".
    Did the '2 managers with Masters Degrees' expecte these degrees to be some kind of magic shield against a senior manager neither of them ever showed any respect to and they constantly complained about? You have to show respect to get respect, it doesn't automatically come with a Masters Degree.
    Damn right I'm bitter.
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    Retiredtech is obviously a person who doesn't respect the welfare of others but more importantly, as stated in the original posting, good luck to the impacted people in computer operations. They are being terminated this coming Sunday, 8/7, if they do not find a new position. They have been going through the job op process but most have not been selected and have not qualified for the TOP program. It doesn't matter if they spoke well about "senior managers" and were the best "partners", had positive performance reviews or many years of dedicated service. Next week will be the last for these individuals through no fault of their own. Are these also a "deserving collection of partners" to be treated this way? Everyone must not be so simple minded to not see a systematic process is taking place to lower the staffing in non-development groups and at the same time to lower cost in development groups but sending the work overseas.
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    Why do we still have 29 job postings on ups.com for IS? Including 3 for Innoplex?
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    Entry level positions and the Innoplex has moved to Morris Rd - probably need to update but it is not far between the two locations.
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    These people are terminated end of the week despite positive performance reviews. These "partners" are learning the hard way how this partnership has changed. If you have job openings and don't consider the aptitude of these people to learn, not just be qualified today, then you're no better a partner than the senior managers doing this.
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    Classic and true! Forgive me for caring about people, it'll never happen again. Appreciate something different as all you can do is laugh...that should be the opening to every meeting instead of the policy book.
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    any more information on the computer ops situation? I heard several managers got knocked down a level. Is this what they meant by 'net neutral' ??
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    There are all kinds of rumors but little actual information. People getting packages. People looking to be reclassified but majority failed the test. People being let go. Other departments are next... All kept very quiet so a lot of distrust and CYA. Its depressing to see what we have become.