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Why You Like the Smell Of Your Own Farts: Do Your Farts Really Smell Better? | Men’s Health

Maybe you let one rip in a car full of friends—they’re rushing to roll the windows down, while you’re thinking: not too shabby.

Which brings us to the age-old question: Why do we find other people’s farts so disgusting, but we’re okay with—and maybe even like—our own?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any studies in this particular area of gastroenterology, but there are some theories out there.


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Or how about when you do it in bed and put the blanket over the wife’s head.....good times.
Or when ur driver rips one in the back of a package car while youre driver helping him sort his shelves. But he thinks you dont know. But you just dont say anything cuz you did one earlier :teethy::devil3::laughing: