Father-of-2 UPS driver, 42, is 'worked to death' after 12-hour shift posting up to 240 parcels a day


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Father-of-two UPS driver, 42, is 'worked to death' after 12-hour shift posting up to 240 parcels a day in six-week run up to Christmas - Daily Mail

A UPS driver has collapsed and died after working a gruelling 12-hour shift for the logistics firm.

Father-of-two Paul Crush, 42, had a suspected heart attack at the company's depot in Stanford-le-Hope in Essex on Wednesday after delivering up to 240 parcels a day.

It is common for workers to take around 100 packages a day, but due to the Christmas push he had reportedly been posting more than 200 for the past six weeks.


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A heart attack at 42 from a 12 hour shift is a health problem, not a work problem unless said shift was extreme work. The UK in December is not 110 degrees friend.


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It's a tabloid hysterical attention-getter headline. "Worked to death" they should be ashamed of themselves.

RIP 42 year old, way too young.


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The split town they added to my core area has a tp60 parked in the municipal parking lot & has 2 PVDs working out of it.

A Honda sedan & a Ford explorer were seen driving around that remote town. Takes both of them until just past sundown to complete it.


My volume is only about 20 - 30 stops daily, but it's a 3.5 hours a day just to service them first (a customer has a daily pickup out of his business in the backyard)


If they take this split off me, I got a fighting chance to service my core zone in time


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I detect a feeder man longing for the good old days. :teethy:

Actually, we had a long time package car driver go into feeders back when we were sending a trailer daily to a satellite center.

About two months in, he died of a heart attack lowering the legs at the dock.

If I remember, he was only in his fifties.