FBI and DOJ Report for UPS Pilots Flying out of Memphis

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    For UPS pilots flying out of Memphis, I am making available a report I have been working on for the past four years and sent to the Department of Justice's Office of the Inspector General and FBI in Washington. It is a 292 page Adobe pdf so it may take some time to open or download. I would recommend keeping a copy of this report and website address for your records as this post may be deleted.

    - Guy Cobb

    The Hurricane Creek Report
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    I briefly skimmed the first 50 pages or so.... And "kind" of have a grasp, of the situation.

    292 pages is a lot of reading. Probably more.... than the average viewer, of this forum is going to read. Let alone.... digest.

    Any chance, you could give a summation ?? Maybe a few paragraphs ??

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    Interesting read so far will finish as I have time.
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    What's it all about?? I don't have the time to read it.
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    Looks like there's a pretty big tunnel going under one of the runways at the memphis airport that has some questionable damage. Memphis airport authority is responsible for it but refused to even let it be inspected. Seems like fed ex, memphis airport, nor memphis city council wants to have anything to do with it. I've only browsed through it though there's probably a lot more going on there.
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    Ive never flown out of Memphis. I was there once. Saw Graceland.
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    Too bad we probably don't have any pilots on this forum, they have a pilot's forum they seem to hang out at.

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    No, but I know a feeder driver who was a helicopter pilot in Viet Nam.
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    It's Memphis...What do you expect?
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    I had an Elvis impersonator perform at my wedding. I'm not kidding either. It was cool and very unique.
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    It's interesting how you get to know someone over the internet, one post at a time.

    I feel like I know you a little bit more...
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    It's directed to UPS Pilots.
    ​I am not a pilot so I am not going to read a 258 doc.
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    I guess I do not even get the point of posting it here.
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    There was no point in posting it in a forum that doesn't include pilots. He was probably searching for forums on the internet and randomly posted it here.
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    Hello Bug, this document includes evidence of the illegal activities taking place between FedEx, the FAA, and the Memphis Airport Authority. Emails, falsified inspection reports, details of FedEx founder Fred Smith's two cases of manslaughter are all included. Neither UPS nor FedEx pilots should land on Runway 9/27 at Memphis International until the airport authority repairs the damage to the tunnel beneath the runway. This document examines the UPS plane crash in Dubai that killed two UPS pilots and ultimately demonstrates that UPS got it right when they refused to assist the government as a spy organization. I have posted this document on the airline pilots forum but it is immediately deleted by the website owners. The best way to read it is to download it. I believe with Adobe you can find the save button at the bottom right section of the document when it is open in a browser.

    The Hurricane Creek Report

    Guy Cobb
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    Guycobb if heavy jets continue to land on 9/27 and no jets crashed? It does not till after the crash. Fred Smith is a former UPS management. He is following the UPS playbook, no such thing as proactive action. Everything is reactive, when a heavy jet crashes on 9/27 then it will be fixed.
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    Definitely worth a read through - I skimmed through it and will save for later to actually read in depth. Nice work done here.