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The substance abuse and alcohol thing really is true. I don't quite understand it, as I generally do not feel stressed out over my job. But we have an astronomical amount of drivers with drinking problems, a few get fired every year for repeat DUIs from our building. There's really nothing you can do for these members either -- you drive for a living smart guy, don't drink and drive. Obviously there may be other factors at play, but the sheer number of people that I know of that have problems like this in our building tells me that UPS definitely plays a role in their problem.


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Good post Griff.
I do not blame anyone/anything for causing anyones addiction, tho.
It is only silly to get drunk while driving. Its not hard to avoid. A guy in my county just got his 19th dui. How do ya do that? Chase cops around?
While UPS contributes to my stress, it does not cause me to be stupid. That would be my choice. And my stress is gone once I punch out.

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Hey Brother Joe, before you start throwing facts around you might want to have something to compare them to by themselves they realy are nothing but numbers. Can you show us the fact page for Fed EX, Wal mart, coal miners, crab fishing, construction works, sand hogs, fire fighters, police officers, rough necks, gold miners, and loggers so e have something to compare these facts to.
How about you look them up & contribute to the discussion. I'm delegating my authority. The people who do nothing are the ones who criticize. The facts stand by themselves though. Its bad. If another company or industry is worse that makes it ok then? Should we have our conditions be degraded to the lowest common denominator? I'm for all workers & I help im many struggles but I only have time to lead one! So it seems your trying to waste my time.