FDC/ODC Clerks Need Info!!

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    I need any and all information regarding this position. I am considering taking this on and don't know what the expectations or job requirements are, just that it is not a preferred job.
    Any and all input is greatly appreciated, good or bad regarding this topic!
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    I was ODC clerk for 7 years. I think the job requirement is 10 key touch and probably a quick learner. You'll be learning alot about customs regulation, prohibited items, embargo countries, and the international side of the company. The job is basically data entry. You take this job then you're not going to be working for the hub and you'll be working under different slic. If you leave you'll won't be able to double shift inside the hub. Make sure you know how many hours you'll be getting if you transfers. There might be chance your hours decrease or increase depending on your location. If you're here for the long run and want to save your body from damage this probably is the job you want. If you want to know more just send me message and i'll try to answer anything you want to know.
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    Find out if you will be a regular part-time member of the Bargaining Unit and listed on the general seniority list, OR will you be segregated into a seperate Seniority List for certain clerks only, OR will you be outside the Bargaining Unit altogether. It may differ from area to area.
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    they solved that problem here in the northwest in our last contract,
    J.C. 37 Sort Rider: Article 2, section 1:
    "beginning august 1, 2008 the part-time clerical job classification will be eliminated and combined with the part-time inside classification list. All employees classified as part-time clerical will dovetail their part-time company job date into the part-time inside job classification list"
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    Thanks, what sort of training is required for odc, and what are the expectations from the company with regards to errors if one has no prior experience.