Fdx admits no wrongdoing...AGAIN!

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    Wait till the Oxycontin scandal hits the fan. I have seen reg customers of our fabulous service fade away and die! Didnt even have to leave the house. OHHHH...how about the airbills that say next earliest delivery..without differentiating that its before 8:00 when nobody's there. People say.."i want it there as soon as possible!" ..not realizing they're getting fleeced. That is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen.
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    FO, what a scam. The other day, dispatch sends me a message as I am getting to my first stop, about an FO package that was late. It was due by 0800, my LBT was 0915. They say customer neeeds it right now. I tell them, I will have lates if I break route, they say OK. I break route, deliver it at 1000, and customer has no idea it was an FO package! He damn near soiled his pants when I told him about what it cost him!
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    i think im going to talk to a lawyer.
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    The placement of the FO box on the airbill is no mistake. There are a lot of people checking FO when they don't really intend to do so. As others have said, the FedEx commitment to FO service is a joke anyway. If you have a leave building time of 0915, then that FO should still be your first stop, at least considering the huge premium the customer is paying. Every time we have a late plane or CTV, we are told to just deliver FO as P1, and to basically screw the customer.

    If it's a true FO, and not just a mistake the shipper made on the airbill, then getting it at 1030 0r 1100 instead of 0800 or 0830 is a pretty big deal.

    But not to Fred.
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    I almost always ask a customer if they really "want FO service" and explain the preimum costs.... typical response: Hell no
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    Expect to see job aids and Frontline segments on how to identify cigarette shipments with unpaid taxes in the near future. We will probably be asked to work with Security and local law enforcement to keep our system clear of these criminal activities. Just like the Florida pill mills that FedEx never suspected could be involved in illegal activities. Wash, rinse, repeat.
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    Dirty pool.
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    suppose to have people to cover FO SVCE but dont bring them in because of ot issues. so why have the svce.
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    It creates more PSP. Profit-in Smith's Pocket.

    It's only reason for existance, regardless if the execution is highly unethical.
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    I ALWAYS ask if they want it there by FO. They ususally say no,just be there by noon or whatever. Most FO's I see are checked off improperly with the customer thinking it's priority. If indeed it is an FO,I make sure that delivery is the first because of the extra dough to get it there....