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    :tongue_smWhy does fdx in their commercials portray their customers as business idiots ?
    Do you think that ups should capitalize on this in their ads ?
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    Because they are targeting UPS customers....who are idiots for choosing you. Why does UPS lie in their ads making it look like THEY came up with ideas first. Like emailing customers to advise a pkg shipped (FX had that 7 years ago), and delivering faster on the ground in the US? (FXG had 4 day service 2 years ago).
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    You are brilliant !! Of course Jim Casey modeled ups after Fred started fdx in 1907. Air , Ground, and International. I can see why fdx has close to 400,000 of the highest paid people in the industry always a step ahead.
  4. UPS didn't offer overnight delivery for about a decade after FedEx.
    Biggest mistake they ever made.
  5. island1fox do you work for fedex???
    if not maybe you should
    FEDEX in ireland are a joke,people rely on the big brown truck!!!
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    ups had air in the 30's before Fred S was even born. Ups was in germany in the 70's, where was fedex.Yeah, thats what I thought, still the Flying tigers. Ups did make a mistake in cancelling air service way back when. But that was another time. No need for that then. You should be thankful. If ups kept that service you wouldnt have a job today.
  7. Thank Ups???? You're Kidding?? Ups Management Are Fools. Since Fedex Began Branching Out In 2000, Our Ground, freight And Intl Have Well Exceeded Expectations. If We Had Ups Management There Would Be No Growth What-so-ever...
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    as a ups store owner who has been robbed of his life savings and lied to by ups you have made me so happy with your post. if fedex would give the old set up i had as an mbe i would ship all my packages fedex. dhl has recently set up mbe-type accounts in our stores. they know what will happen in january when ups goes dim wt. on all packages and i can't wait to give them the business. cheaper , faster dhl ground at the ups store. they undercut the ups stores online and now dhl will undercut them in our stores. dhl shipping at the ups store. please fedex contact us!!!!!
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    It's always UPS's fault....blah, blahh,blaaaahhhh...
  10. Coldworld

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    browneye, most drivers are on the side of mbe, but many dont know all that is going on here. Maybe you can politely tell us your concerns and what ups is doing to upset the owners of the upss and mbe. I have heard certain things quite a while but dont know the whole story. Most owners like their drivers.
  11. browneye

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    fair enough. first let me say that the ups store owners admire and respect their drivers.I know how customers love to call or write in complaints about the drivers. i make a deliberate effort to make sure my driver (we have been working together for six years) gets the recognition he deserves. every quarter i write a letter to atlanta praising his professionalism because when i used to call the hub his supervisors ignored it or didnt mention it. that being said let me give you brief listing of our grievences.

    1) ups actively collects shipping data from our cms system and offers our regular shippers accounts.we have paid for through advertizing and hard work for these customers and ups snatches them up.
    2) ups treats us like employees.
    3) ups discounts our products and services without permission. imagine if i started handing out coupons for 50% off at the customer counter?
    4)ups sold us shipping franchise and after we buy it , they take the shipping and tell us we need to become print shops.
    5) we are forced to pay 8.5 % on the cost of goods sold as well as the profit.
    6) ups knew this format would be unprofitable but deliberately hid that information from us.
    7) we are liable for hazmat fines that ups customers drop-off in our store. the dot sees as the entry point into the system.but we are not allowed to open,inspect or refuse these drop-offs.
    8) ups directs calls and customer concerns to our stores that are not store related and should handled by ups customer service.
    9) we had perfectly good dell computers for cms/pos. ups forced us to buy $8000 hp's that work horribly. just ask ms.livermore, she sits on the bod of ups and hp.
    10)ups promised to make thes stores million dollar str stores by 2008. the average store now does $300,000 which is a loss. to the owner $320,000 is the average break even.
    11) ups promised ups 100-200 paid packages per day and to close the customer counters and eliminate all ups retail competition within our territories. they have not.
    12)we were told our stores would generate equity, they have not.
    13)ups forces storeowners to wear uniforms and name tags.
    14) we are collectively ups' number 4 biggest shipper and their number one international shipper yet we are not given the best rates that ups offers. a schmuck working out his garage and shipping 1 package a year can get better rates.
    15) ups actively competes with us on the internet and deliberately prices online shipping below the counter rate while telling the customer to come to our store to drop-it off. we generally split 50-50 if the customer pays in our store,if they drop it off we get about $1.10 and then have to pay royalties on that and a .10 per package surcharge for using iship.

    there's more but i promised to keep it brief.
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    I work for UPS and all I can say about this thread is wow. Whats with all the bad feelings toward the other companies. Just imagine how bad customer service would be if it wasn't for competition.

    I get along very well with the FedEx, DHL, Purolator and CanPar drivers I run into on a daily basis. And all the other courier drivers that i don't meet up with, no matter what company they work for wave as we pass each other on the road.

    Is this only done in Canada?
  13. island1fox

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    :thumbup1: Jlphotog,
    Keep waving to the "fair competition" ----maybe give them some sales leads from your route !
    1. purolater ---- owned and subsidized by canada post ----each time you buy a first class stamp to mail a letter in Canada ---you are forced to support a government monoply that has moved into the private sector to use monoply money to unfairly lower shipping rates
    2. Fed x --fdx corps --Owner operators on grd service ----claim they are not employees ---do not pay them benefits ----will do everything possible to make you and ups disappear so that they can deliver your pkgs for less $ ---and pay the poor "owner operators an unfair wage.
    3. canpar ----bailed out by the canadian taxpayers { I would think you are one of them } terrible service --are able to stay in business and threaten your job because of gov bailouts. if ups ever gets in financial trouble in canada ----see how fast they will be put out of the country.
    4. DHL --the german post office ---- the taxpayers in germany -- again through a monopoly first class mail situation are controlling and lowering dhl rates.
    You do not have to believe me ---wake up -- do some research yourself and realize the danger your company faces everyday with unfair competition--- While you are at it -- you may even educate your union on some of these issues --- so that UPS can continue to provide Canadian ups'ers with Security, great pay and benefits.
  14. jlphotog

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    I didn't mean anything like that. All I meant was those drivers are friendly to me and I am friendly to them. They are all out there busting their butts to put food on the table the same as I am. All I was trying to point out was the ill feelings of others in this thread.

    The people out there on the road have nothing to do with govn't bail outs or subsidies and are generally good people.
  15. island1fox

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    Do not get me wrong either ----I am not attacking you. Its just that the reality of the transportation world today -- has to not deal with competetion that can be good for all --- but with various government monopolies and different labour laws. The people you see and are friendly are no doubt good people that are hard working ---- but they are attached to the gov bailouts and monopolies. Both the governments and the friendly drivers would not shed too many tears if you and your package car disappeared. I agree with you on the other hand being decent to friendly people should go both ways ----unfortunately I know of cases were ups "unhappy with the world" drivers that hate their jobs have passed info on to the friendly competition --intentially or not that has caused volume shifts from one company to the other. If we were in a world of a true level playing field the majority of ups'ers both drivers and management would be untouchable.
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    Interesting Thread-------some FedEx Fans out there--they are a good company, but UPS haas been the "Premier" Company and will continue to do so.

    Regarding FedEx being the first to offer overnite service------Sorry, you are wrong--UPS delivered overnite with it's Ground Service up to 150 miles and regarding ststements that FedEx Volume and Revenue is up-------when they purchased Caliber, their volume and revenue increased-----it's not Rocket Science!!

    Regarding the way they treat their employees---excuse me--they were RPS and all they did was start wearing a FedEx Uniform---but don't call them employees--they are "Independent Contractors"!! I can't wait for all of the class action lawsuits to catch up with FedEx!!

    So UPS had another great Quarter---over $1 BILLION "NET" REVENUE---how much net rev does FeD Ex make in theri best quarter????

    Anyway---sorry to hear the negative comments from the UPSS Franchisees---if they are so discontent, maybe they should look at pulling their store from the UPS Network---they can than charge whatever they want-----of course if they are Independent they won't get the 45% discount they used to get as a MBE Franchisee and than charge another 40% above and beyond that.

    I almost wish that UPS would have let MBE go into bankruptcy when American (US?) Office Supply owned them--than it would have been interesting to see who the MBE Franchisees would have blamed for their stores closing!!! Or maybe UPS should have purchased the MBE Stores and replaced the owners with UPS hourly employees---like FedEx did with Kinko's!!
  17. browneye

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    1) I am in the process of pulling my store out of the ups store franchise.
    2) UPS gives those rate anyone with a pulse and lower if you ship a couple of packages.
    3) MBE was not going bankrupt. the parent company (USOP) was going bankrupt. MBE was keeping them afloat. The MBE franchisees offered more money than UPS did to buy the franchise but the offer was refused.
    4) You are absolutely correct on your last point. UPS should have purchased each store from the owner and put their own employees in there.They did try to set up their own stores but failed miserably. It was at that time they began to show interest in MBE.
    5) you wonder who an MBE would blame if they failed? who do you blame when there is an accident on the highway?...... er, the one who caused the accident?
  18. upsdawg

    upsdawg UPSDAWG

    Oh Contrare, Mon Frere----UPS does not offer the rates to anybody---and it is hard to set up a new Commercial Counter, unless it is a chain---Postal Annex---Office Depot. I agree with the fact that not all people should get the rates---the more revenue the store generates--the higher incentive tiers.

    I love the fact that there is competition--it is supposed to make everyone better---why is it that....and this is my perception----there are great UPSS locations that offer great customer service and are doing well----and they love UPS----and than there are those who should not be dealing with the public---and customers go elsewhere--and those store owners try to play the blame game.

    So pull your store out tof the UPS Franchise--what are you waiting for? Than you can charge whatever you want------become a FedEx Drop off point-----but you know that they probably have rules that you have to follow also! Bottom line---customers will always go to a place where they feel that they are getting the best value for their shipping dollar---they don't care who owns the franchise!!

    Your comment that USOP wouldn't accept more money for the MBE Franchise is a little suspect---can you provide something substantial as back up??
  19. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I've met many former Kinkos employees. Including a guy that was WAAAAAAY high up in the chain there. They all said the same thing. That they love to use UPS or anyone else other than FedEx because FedEx put so many people out on the street when they took over Kinkos. So you guys peddling the "UPS ruined my MBE store" storyies need to go sit in a quiet room where you might actually be able to hear the worlds smallest violin playing as you tell your sad story. And who cares who created air service, email notifications, etc. first because obviously the customers know that whatever FedEx, DHL, or RPS can do UPS can do it better. Why do I say obvious? Just look at the numbers! UPS makes more money and has more customers than all the rest! Look up as many polls, surveys, rankings, as you want. You'll notice that UPS wins the majority of them.
  20. xkingx

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    weird, my UPS store guy always boasts about what his yearly is.. Ive gone to other sotres that tell me whose the highest in the area and whose the slowest...not once have i heard them complain how UPS is robbing them

    ? though...you state UPS gives customers discounts w/o your consent..How about these cards theyre giving us to hand out to "NEW" customers..Promoting 10% savings on shipping..Did you give your consent to that?