FedEx CT Drivers Ruled To Be Employees By NLRB


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April 17, 2007: 05:42 PM EST


About 20 FedEx Co. (FDX) home delivery drivers in Windsor, Conn., were ruled to be employees eligible to vote in an upcoming union election by National Labor Relations Board Director Peter Hoffman.

Hoffman rejected the Memphis transportation company's position that the drivers were contractors and not employees, said Teamsters Local Union 671.

FedEx said in a statement that it intends to pursue the course of appeal, but will go forth with its election next month.

"We have seen time and time again that the vast majority of contractors have shown us that they wish to remain independent business owners and have no desire to make a commitment to an outside third party like the Teamsters," FedEx said.

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Great Gazoo

Local 25
Windsor ,CT was the headquarters for the old RPS(the forerunner of Fedex Ground). It's like a steak going through a vampire heart! Victory is at hand.


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Windsor ,CT was the headquarters for the old RPS(the forerunner of Fedex Ground). It's like a steak going through a vampire heart! Victory is at hand.

Interesting but I wouldn't go as far as you just said. This is just one city. These certification battles get closer to the Mississippi, I'll start to believe "victory is at hand." -Rocky


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I always thought RPS was started in Pittsburgh.

I think you're right....
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

FedEx Ground is a shipping company headquartered in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh. Originally a small regional package shipping company called Roadway Package System (RPS), it was created to be a discount competitor to UPS. After taking the road for the first time on March 11, 1985, the company grew in size and popularity throughout the Mid-Atlantic states, so much so that it became the largest subsidy of its parent company, Akron-based Roadway Services. By 1996, RPS had achieved 100% coverage of the United States and all of North America. In addition, RPS became part of a new holding company called Caliber System, Inc.
In 1997, Fred S, founder of FedEx, contacted Dan Sullivan, founder of RPS about merging the two companies. In 2000, Caliber System, Inc., which has since sold most of its assets to various corporations, allowed FedEx to purchase its discount package distribution system, which was subsequently renamed FedEx Ground.

Great Gazoo

Local 25
I see you're right! Windsor/Windsor Lockes must have been a big regional hub or headquarters for the Northeast. I used to to business with them at another company before UPS and everything was addressed to some bigshot exec. up there.
Must have been where the case originated.