FedEx drivers set to vote Oct. 20

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    FedEx drivers set to vote Oct. 20 - Tewksbury

    In a little more than two weeks, Wilmington will be at the epicenter of a fight to unionize a large chunk of one of the nation's best-known company.
  2. shifter11

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    Good to see some Fedx Drivers showing some intelligence. Now let the rst of us get behind them.
  3. teamsterdan

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    I agree, time for "the people" to rally the troops who's in?????????? I'm downloading, printing, and distributing copies to enlighten my co-workers as well as the local FED-EX drivers.......... ALLONS............
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    I do hope that Fedex can be organized by the Teamsters. They work hard and deserve to be paid more. They should have better job security that the union will provide along with helping UPS because their cost of doing business will have to go up. And most of all, they deserve the great privilege of contributing to my Central States Health and Pension Plan!:wink: