Amazon already bigger delivery company than UPS and FedEx by volume.


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Agreed, but I believe UPS is more clear on expanding to European/Asian countries to compete with rather inefficient local couriers. Look at the recent Liverpool-UPS deal. I think its pretty clear theyre trying to become a more “cool” brand outside the US
Agreed, but have heard about foreign growth, supply chains solutions growth etc for a decade or 2.


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UPS and FedEx are no longer the largest delivery companies in the US

They only launched delivery about 8 years ago (took a few years to go national) and as of 2022 they deliver more pieces than we do. No doubt much more small pieces vs our larger parcels.

Just nuts how fast they grow in everything they set out to do. I know UPS isn't chasing volume anymore but it's still something significant to note.
Don't they have way more employees than ups so we're doing the same amount of work with less employees