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    Currently, I am working for FedEx Freight. I'm an operations supervisor, but have a driving background with the company. I worked the city for years before going into management. At first I really liked it, but my boss wound up being a complete :censored2: to work for. No appreciation, the results are never good enough (even if they're record breakers!), EVERYTHING is delegated, no recognizable leadership attributes, etc. etc. Well, a couple weeks ago I'd had enough, and I put in a transfer to go back to being a city driver. My CDL is still in check, and my driving record is still clean, but I'm worried about still having to work for this POS and wanted to know how the boys on the other side of the fence were making it? Is your pay decent? Do you have opportunities for overtime? Equipment? General working atmosphere? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    What area are you from? I don't think I need exact city but area. We start at 15.00 an hour and get annual raises for three years to top wage which will be 24.40 an hour on July 1st. All major companies are the same when it comes to treating there employees as far as I can tell, so don't expect major differences. You would never be able to go from driver to management back to driver, you can go from driver to management but not back. The amount of hours you would get depends on the area and there need for drivers, remember seniority supersedes anything for hours, so expect to be part time for awhile and expect to work the dock, remember this is depending on where you are from, the size of the terminal you would work out of and the need for drivers. Good luck.


    Going in to management is a big mistake, i was offered a Full Time operations Sup. position at Fedex freight and then reality sunk in, I remembered the nightmare I went through as PT superviser at UPS and turned down the offer. If they let you go back to Driving which is a no no at UPS I say learn from your errored ways.
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    I don't mind management. I just don't like working for unappreciative, self centered, arrogant people.

    (edit to add) I'm good at what I do. While the numbers are delivered as requested, I treat my people with respect and lead by example. I don't think there is an imaginary line that people cross in management that suddenly turns them into the devil. I just think there are good bosses and bad ones. I just happened to get stuck with the latter. I do feel that my standard of living/pay/appreciation/time with my family was much better when I was behind the wheel. I just had this misplaced feeling that If I entered management, made a difference, and succeeded at being better than anybody else than I would have a chance to make some of that BIG money that some of the high rollers make. Boy, was I wrong.
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    Sounds just like what the Supervisors are going thru at my terminal. They have to keep hiring them from outside cause nobody wants to get promoted from within and put up with the bs from management. UPS Freight talks about management and making it a career out of it but from what I see I'll never want to get promoted into management it's a complete joke and they are all:censored2:s. They are never happy and i'm just glad it's just a part-time for me lol. Also be prepared to work with crappy equipment cause from what I see Fedex Freight has great trucks and trailers compared to the old crap Ups Freight are working with. If I was in your shoes I wouldn't loose the time I have worked for fedex, Just get your transfer cause you might run into the same bs with ups. What ever you do good luck with your goals.
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    A little late in responding so you may have already made your decision but...

    I'd say the pay is a fair amount better than "decent" but I guess for you that would depend on what you're used to. I've been full time for two weeks and get overtime every day (after eight hours) even though I'm at the bottom of the list on an "unassigned" bid. Overtime for me starting out is $23.50 per hour. I'm taking home over twice what I usually made after three years at my previous job. IIRC, top out (straight time) is approx. $24 dock / $25 driving as of now. Oh BTW, three years to reach top out pay...

    Some of the trucks and trailers are old and need to be replaced but in my experience so far they run reliably and have working A/C.

    Upper management at every place I've ever worked has been the same as you are describing at Fed Ex. This includes Overnite (UPS Freight). As a laborer / lower level manager, you are a scapegoat for their stupid policies, poor planning and inadequate staffing. That's the way it is everywhere. I had one day of training for all their company driver procedures and rules and stuff. On my first day out alone, dispatch acted like I was wasting their time when I called with a question so now I just ask other drivers instead. They seem to know more than dispatch, anyway.

    I still call it Overnite because it's like a non union dock compared to another LTL company I used to work for. Some of the drivers and dock workers are OK but most are anti union boot lickers that think (wish) Overnite still secretly owns the company.

    If you make the switch, be prepared to work on the dock after you're done driving for the day. I'm not sure if they handle a lot of loose cartons at other terminals but it's mostly forklift work where I'm working. They have to make me leave at night because I'll run around on a forklift as long as they let me for that kind of money.

    Best of luck to you with your decision.
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    the pay is good, the equipment, well let's just say they are working on it. Plenty of overtime depending on were you are but the battles we fight over here against the Big Brown Machine....
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    im a city driver and i grossed 73k last year (worked my ass off) . i know dock workers that are up around 60k working ot on the dock . over here we dont do any favors and dont except any back from mgmt . we punch in do our job, bs a little bit and go home . they give us respect . the equipment in my yard is descent 70% branded . all new forklifts , 4 new yard goats , anda few new trucks come in every year . if i were you i would jump ship right now !!!