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    Can any one tell me why the Fedex Freight drivers go so fast. They pass me up every night doing 64+. One of there drivers blocked all lanes of I-5 snarling the morning commute. Will be sighted for going to fast. Aren't they paid by the hour? What's the rush. Let me know thanks.
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    The FedEx corporate speed limit is 65 mph, and they monitor it like hawks. Freight drivers are paid by the hour. This person is gone if they were over 65 and caused a big accident.
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    I talked to one of his co-drivers this morning and this was his second accident in recent months, I dont think he will be around fe-ex freight for long.
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    I was actually almost forced off the highway one time by a Fedex Ground feeder.

    Quite frankly, I don't trust tractor trailer drivers on the highway if they're not union. The idea of an independent operator/contractor driving 70+ hours a week and cooking logbooks makes me nervous.
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    That reminds me of a story my brother had happen to him. He was sideswiped by a tractor-trailer they exchanged info on highway and went on their way no one was hurt just small dent and repaint needed. Two weeks later brother receives letter from trucking company stating they didn't believe their truck hit my brother. He replied back to them that he would see them in court in, printed on his stationary form the desk of rev. ######### a week later he received a check to cover the damages.