FedEx Ground driver arrested for DUI

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    FedEx released the following statement Wednesday evening regarding the arrest:

    "The behaviors of the driver involved in today’s accident in Milton are not consistent with FedEx Ground’s high standards and he is no longer providing service for the company pending completion of this investigation. We are cooperating fully with the authorities."

    Shouldn't they be interviewing the contractor? I thought those guys don't work for FedEx.

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    That quote sure does sound like they are talking about an employee. ;)
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    It isn't his fault - the job drove him to drink.
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    Who's DOT number is on the vehicle?
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    Looks like FedEx chose their words carefully. "No longer providing service for the company" not "no longer working for." There is a distinction.
    But really, try to find a story about a sober driver in West Virginia. All I hear is dueling banjos.
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    I hope that contractor has the excess liability coverage.
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    That van will be back in service after they buff it out...
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    Bottle found inside the van means he was drinking while providing service. Didn't think a driver would ever take a shot between POD's. Where is this drivers brain?
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    In his anus
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    Hey!! Just like Upstate and Fred. Maybe it's a birth defect.
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    Shouldn't it be bbsamInc's DOT number?
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    Exactly what I was thinking. Where is the contractor? You know, the independent businessperson who runs his own FedEx business? Perhaps he/she should be commenting to the media about their employee. It certainly appears that the DUI driver belongs to Fred Smith.