FedEx Ground driver arrested on suspicion of DUI

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    Or in a 8'x 8' cell.
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    He made it until 11 am without anyone calling in saying their Fedex guy is drunk? That's a high functioning alcoholic right there.

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    Are you thinking about giving him a job? You know one of those 80k driving jobs.;)
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  6. It will be fine

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    He probably has a better attitude then you. A drunk couldn't do as much work as my top earners and I imagine you couldn't either.
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    Fred bailed him out and he is now the CEO of Ground

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    Your top earners probably qualify for food stamps. I'd rather flip burgers than work for a mini Fred Smith.
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    I'm a little :censored2: off at myself but, I have a contractor at fedex ground that wants to hire me as a step van driver August of this year thing is i have 2 traffic convictions the the state of NY one was for SPEEDING IN ZONE 80-50mph zone on April 11,2014 the other was failure to stop at a stop sign on June 4th,2015 I have a defensive driving certificate from AARP if that helps... Do i even have a chance at getting hired? What are the odds? Should i even bother? I would love a answer for someone working at fedex ground in the HR department or a driver someone with knowledge or fedex ground experience. Thanks
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    Mopar there are like 50 or so people that post on this forum. You're not gonna get other answers to your question. If you really want more info look to the above post #8 and read it.