FedEx Ground HUB workers?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by Mr Shifter, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Mr Shifter

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    Are the HUB workers that load/unload the trailers and sort the volume employees of FedEx or workers for a super contractor?

    And if they are workers for FedEx how come i've never heard of anyone unionizing them?
  2. MrFedEx

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    That's a damn good question. I suspect that loaders/unloaders are employees, but I can also see FedEx Ground getting around it by having an "IC Manager" hire all Hub and Sort workers. I'm sure bbsam or someone else from Ground can answer that definitively for you.

    If they are employees, they need to be organized too.
  3. the hub workers at fedex ground and home are patient as soon as fedex loses their special excemption all fedex ground and home workers will be correctly classified as employees.
  4. bbsam

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    which special exemption are you talking about? the rla has no direct effect on home and ground. in fact, mr. shifter raises a very good point.
  5. Ricochet1a

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    The handlers for Ground are employees of Ground, and not "contractors".

    As to their not being unionized. I'm going to be straight with you...

    The turnover among handlers is so high, that it isn't worth the effort for a union to engage in unionizing them. Handlers don't do that job as a "career", it is a stepping stone to something else. Express handlers last between 4 and 6 months on average, and they're out the door. They're worked hard, treated with very little respect, and shoved out the door as quickly as possible to keep labor costs low. A few last 2-3 years, but do so either because they work the AM and need the insurance (and waive minimums), or work the PM and are students that need a fixed dependable schedule. There are workers in the SEIU that make about the same or less than handlers, but they do the work as a career, thus making unionization sensible.

    For Express handlers, they are covered under the RLA, meaning that they'd have to have 50%+1 vote to certify on a nationwide basis. Given the high turnover rate, even if 65% voted to certify, by the time the union got around to seeking certification after a vote, at least a third, maybe half that voted to certify would've already quit.

    I'm sure the turnover among Ground handlers is even worse than Express handlers. Ground handlers are paid a couple of bucks an hour less, and their benefits aren't quite as good as Express benefits. For the part-time handlers at Express, the benefits (considering they're part-time and entry level) are decent. For the full-time career employee (and part-time Couriers that have been around for a few years), Express benefits leave a bitter aftertaste, that just never seems to go away (every time I see a brown truck, I curse FedEx).


    ROFLMFAO!! I do too, then remember that the brown truck is carrying around my inheritance! GO TEAMSTERS!! Rock on UPS...and that's what Brown does for me!:peaceful:
  7. Mr Shifter

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    FedEx Ground just opened a new $125 million dollar hub in Chicago and if they are workers there I'm sure they aren't under RLA and if i heard correctly can be unionized hub by hub and not nationwide.

    In the article it states that the hub is twice the size of it's previous hub in Chicago and "The expansion project has resulted in accelerating ground service by one day or more in half of the U.S".

    If the union doesn't organize them i understand because of the high turnover. But it seems this competitor is becoming more and more competitive and I'm hoping that with their increased volume that someone in government will notice their drivers are contractors but actually employees.
  8. Ricochet1a

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    FedEx Ground is NOT covered under RLA. The employees of Ground CAN organize on a location by location basis. However, they'd have to go through the entire process, and they'd have to do it on their own, it isn't worth the effort for the Teamsters or any one else to put up the money to get a location organized.Even if a location were to certify a union, Fred wouldn't recognize it and would hire replacement workers in the event of a threatened strike.

    Everyone in DOT knows full well the status of FedEx Ground's driver/helpers. It isn't a secret.

    You'll take notice that FedEx is pouring MASSIVE amounts of cash into Ground, but Express is being strangled, no pay raises, no uniform allowances and no matching funds for 401(K). All of FedEx's capital expendature right now (with the exception of the 757 purchase) is going into Ground.
  9. Brown287

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    Stranger yet is the pay for peak drivers for FDX Ground. They are paid by the hour and are employed by FDX directly, which in most cases insures them a higher hourly pay rate then the "normal" Ground drivers. From what I have learned from my brother(FDX Ground driver), and ground drivers that I see out on my route is that FDX has thier hands all over the ground system which puzzles me in how they have been able to fool the government for so long. FDX will have the rug pulled out from under them sooner then later but that does little for the employees who have come and gone and suffered due to thier tactics. Remember for centuries the world was convinced that the earth was flat, but eventually the truth could not be hidden any longer.
  10. MrFedEx

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    In Memphis, the world is still flat and Fred is infallible. If you've ever been there, you'd understand.
  11. Mr Shifter

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    Still kinda hoping the Teamsters try to organize a Hub @ Ground. Been a while since I've heard about them trying to organize at FedEx Frieght too.

    Le Sigh.
  12. CJinx

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    Wow, thread necro. By the OP no less!

    I haven't heard of any organization attempts since Brockton MA, which fell apart days before the vote.
  13. Kevinmevin

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    Last year we were shown a anti union video at our hub during a whole sort meeting. Pretty entertaining..

    yes im an unloader, and we are employees of FDX Ground. no contractor.