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    Hey everyone this is my first post here..... Well i am pretty sure i will be starting at fedex home next week as a seasonal driver (contractor) they basically told me they are just waiting on the whiz quiz to come back but thats not a concern... anywho.... i was told i would have a chance at staying full time after the hollidays are over.

    So my question is if i get hired by a contractor full time will i be able to move within the fedex company??? I will be starting out driving a van but i have a class "A" CDL with 5+ years OTR experience, I dont want to be OTR anymore (not worth it these days) and ive been out of work since jan. so right now i just need something to pay the bills but im hoping that maybe i will be able to go from fedex home to maybe a P&D position, is this possible??

    If anyone can give me some advice or tips that would be helpful for the job please feel free to post them as i need all the help i can get..... Im not looking for negativity, there aren't many jobs around here especially ones that pay even half decent so this is my best option right now.
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    quit now and apply at UPS.You wont regret it.
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    Congradulations on landing a job first off, but with that said Fed-Ex Home Delivery and Ground are both a contractor model. You will work for Fed-Ex for peak but after that you only option for employment is to be with a contractor.


    Well UPS isnt an option, the only thing available right now is part time package handler and $100-$150 a week wont cut it, however if you can get me a driving position full time then by all means let me know!!

    I understand i work for a contractor but my question is will i be able to move within fedex over to a P&D position since i already have my CDL with experience??? Do they have rules against it???
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    What he said. You'll pay your dues longer at UPS, but the long-term wages and benefits at Brown are far superior to those of FedEx.


    If you start at Ground, you're stuck at Ground (I think HD is part of Ground?). If you start at Express you're stuck at Express, etc, etc, etc...
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    ...for now. Let's see what January and the vote on the RLA brings.:happy2:
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    you don't really think that vote will happen in January, do you?
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    No--Obamacare will not be resolved by then.:wink2:
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    It is possible to move to Express, but it wouldn't be a "job change". You'd have to submit an application just like any new hire and go through the interview process. If selected, you'd have to immediately terminate your employment with any Ground contractor or Ground itself.
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    From what my contacts(friends and family) have told me is that Ground and Home Delivery drivers are not employees of Fed-Ex, heck at this point in some states thier fighting to just have the label of employee. Peak drivers make roughly 14 dollars an hour and are actually paid by the hour and receive overtime from Fed-Ex, but after peak if you get on at Ground or H.D. its what ever your sweat shop running contractor feels you deserve. So good luck and remember at UPS even our 10 dollar an hour part-timer gets benefits for them and thier family. In this day and age having medical and dental for your family is far more important then a couple of dollars an hour extra. However good luck with what ever you do.
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    So good luck and remember at UPS even our 10 dollar an hour part-timer gets benefits for them (after 12 months of employment) and thier family (after 18 months of employment).
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    Thats funny. At Express all our employees get benefits after 3 months for both themselves and their family.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    A relative of mine works at FDX Express. He suggested that you apply at FDX exp. and even if you don't get a courier job take whatever is available (package handler). If you can get you're foot in the door you're chances of driving for FDX improves.
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    UPS was like that for as long as I remember. I heard that they moved it to how it is now because they had such a high turnover rate. They were losing money paying these benes just to have the employee quit after x months...
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    Atleast you guys get some kinda of benefits.
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    but at ups they are free
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    ...for now.
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    Don't do it.