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  1. FedEx Office is growing it's declines. Over the last 10 years we are currently celebrating on the FXO Show, the collapse has averaged -5% in YoY growth despite having 600 more centers than we started with. This year, the growth in declines has gotten much worse as we're down 8%.

    We do expect things to improve with growth. We are doing everything we can to grow the declines from 8% to 10% by the end of the year. My DM is about to leave as he expects to be let go or have his paycheck bounce because they can't afford it.
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    My center leads the district in product of the month sales for the last 3 months totaling near $100 in extra profit over this time. He has congratulated me endlessly for what he thinks is a huge win this last quarter. $100 in profit? I'm glad we are focusing on the right number. This isn't even enough to buy the boards and nails to cover the windows when NProfits hit an all time low.....for the 10th straight year.
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    Whenever I walk into a Kinko's, it is almost always empty. During Peak, there were maybe 4 or 5 people in the store, most of them expecting to pickup a package that was sitting in a puddle on the station floor 5 miles away.
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    .......while the UPS stores are jam packed.
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    and the mom and pop pack/ship/print place is busting at the seams when we pick them up each day.