FedEx opposes new whistleblower program.

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    Take a look here at this link.

    It seems that FedEx opposes this new whistleblower program.
    "They argued that whistleblowers should first have to tell their companies of misconduct and give them a chance to correct problems before informing the SEC. Otherwise, the corporations contend, it will take longer to address wrongdoing"

    Funny how when you do take a stand on safety and falsification and honesty the company will create incidents that make your termination appear justifiable and sweep you under the rug. FedEx knows everyday that people are cutting corners on safety and working through unpaid breaks just to keep up with unreasonable productivity goals. Management could (but does not) run a report everyday to see who is manually entering airbill numbers instead of scanning them. This pattern suggests if not confirms rampant falsification. FedEx by ignoring the fact that this is happening is condoning and encouraging the behavior. Why not? They are getting free labor and increased productivity.
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    I quickly scanned through the article but the implication I got was that this pertains only to the financial activity of the corporation, hence the reference to the SEC. To be blunt, the SEC could care less about any of the issues you discussed in your second paragraph.
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    I read "Whistleblowers who report corporate fraud or other misconduct " in the article. I think if FedEx is employing questionable business practices (falsification and safety violations) in order to make their stock more appealing (i.e. increased profit and productivity) to investors than this would be a deliberate misrepresentation on their part to investors. If outside investors knew about the number of lawsuits current and future against the company and the company's war on the career courier it may be less appealing to them.
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    The only investors that matter are the big players on Wall Street, the mutual funds. Their analysts are paid to find out what's going on with a given company. They don't just take a company's word that all is well. Taking from employees to increase profits is nothing new, and highly approved by analysts who want to know what lengths a company will go to to maximize profit. That's the bottom line and we're here to feed the beast. I believe if we were soldiers at war we'd be cannon fodder, totally expendable. What's worrisome is there seems to be little pretense anymore, it's just take it or leave it, they aren't interested in keeping us ahead of inflation, getting a better life. All they have to do is point out there are plenty out of work who will gladly take our place. Want better pay at FedEx? We need a strong economy with plentiful good jobs. Only the threat of losing too many employees will increase pay. It's not a conspiracy, it's the harsh reality of a bad economy.
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    Very true.

    But I can't wait until the day comes that it all comes back to bite them in the ass.

    As far as the ruling goes for the whistleblower program: "A divided SEC voted 3-2 to adopt the whistleblower program. The two Republican commissioners objected."

    Well I'm sure the 2 republicans who objected are in Fred's pocket somehow.
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    They are just mad a retire employee turn them in to the government.