FedEx Package Handlers to Vote on Teamsters

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    "If 71 package handlers at the FedEx Ground warehouse in Brockton, Massachusetts, win the union election scheduled for August 3, it will be the first time ever for package handlers at the giant non-union shipper. They’re facing a fierce anti-union campaign."

    "The company has flown in its top union-busting executives to Brockton, to try to kill the union with a sudden kindness not known before. Ninety percent of workers are black, and all supervisors were white. Now the white supervisors have been replaced by nice African American managers; the workers have been treated to cookouts and finally offered some basic benefits."
  2. scratch

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    This sounds like contract time at UPS, for a day or two the company pretends to treat us like we are human beings instead of pieces of equipment. I wish these Fedex guys the best of luck.
  3. trouble maker

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    I wish them all the best. If they win this, this could very well be the foot in the door for the Teamsters' union.
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    would love this, no way fedex lets it happen
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    I have a good reason to skip the boat Sunday morning. Going to church sounds like a good idea all of the sudden! Go Teamsters, Go!
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    Please, keep us posted on this very fascinating story.
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    IF that's what it takes 2 get a cook out then I'm voting Union brother.

    Oh wait, I am union.

    Well then were Are the Brother managers at cause I could use some grilling
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    When our old Center Mgr was about to get the boot we had fried chicken twice a week for about a month. (Hope the next guy buys pasta, steak, anything but chicken!) You can tell Fed Up hired UPS management now. "Just feed the dumb animals, they'll quiet down." What a joke.
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    They bought a huge super awesome HD big screen tv, like 60+ inches and mounted it on the wall above our time clocks.

    It's currently streaming anti-union propaganda and "facts". Couple UPS guys showed up at Teamsters rally yesterday. That was pretty cool. I know they're the competition, but solidarity goes a long way.
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    Face it, it helps UPS and it's drivers if Fedex were unionized, solidarity or not. In many ways it can help Fedex to. What I always found interesting is if Fedex did unionize their driver fleet could be cut in nearly half as they double up drivers today. They could keep the Express drivers and let go the Ground drivers that brought the union in. If Fedex unionizes drivers will be cut and one pickup like UPS has will most likely happen.
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    I hate to sound selfish, but at this point what the contractors and drivers do isn't my concern at all. I'm a package handler and feel like we're under-compensated. At the end of the day, no matter how much business Fedex takes from UPS, I can guarantee that I will reap no rewards from it. It's not like I have profit-sharing, 401k or a cash-balance plan. If I did have a chance to share in the company's riches, then the story would be different.
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