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    Just experienced the second time in two months of having a package misdelivered. First time they checked the GPS location when it was scanned and found it was delivered 2 blks away to a house with the same house number.

    Today, actually yesterday, I tracked a package I was supposed to get and it was on the truck at 7:30 am, but 'delivery was not attempted" or DNA. Today, I have been home all day, mostly sitting 3 feet from the front door at my desk, with the door open. 5:30 pm, I track the package, and see it says package delivered at 1:52 pm. NOT!!!!!!

    Spent the last half hour with customer service, who verified my address, verified the tracking number, put me on hold, asked again for the tracking number, put me on hold, said they would research it, put me on hold again, verified trcking number agian, and said I might be contacted soon about it.

    I think the driver, knowing he had a DNA yesterday, decided to scan the package as 'delivered' hoping that he could maybe deliver it tomorrow and avoid another DNA. This time it was HD, who can take undelivered packages home, last time it was a ground driver. Lucky it wasn't medicine or live plants,
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    FedEx - The World Whenever
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  3. SmithBarney

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    Must Be FedEx Ground, since Express while our GPS is active, the data is not accessible by anyone other than engineers..(they are still trying to figure out how to utilize it... ;) )
  4. silenze

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    Everyone knows if you want your weed aka "medicine" or "live plants" you should ship ups
  5. bacha29

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    Just think of the nightmare that's in store for them this coming peak season especially if an early winter sets in for the northern section of the country. Rightfully so because it's such a poor setup to begin with. Remember when Roadway set this thing up it was only designed to do business to business ground freight that was basically too small for the need for semi's which by and large you could get away with using panel and step vans and contractors. Ever since X took over they have tried to make it a multi tasked all things for all people for all markets do it all operation and as a result you have what you have today. An over stretched over worked over stressed over extended mess that will eventually implode. And given then the accelerated pace by which the pressure is being applied that day may come sooner than one might think.
  6. Fred's Myth

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    One can only hope.....
  7. Cactus

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    Exactly. And come peak, the company will oversell and take on way too much freight and expect Ground and Express to bail them out like in previous years only probably more so. This kind of disasterous game planning can only "work" for so long before the bottom falls out.
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  8. bacha29

    bacha29 Well-Known Member

    They do it every damn year and hopefully this year will be X's Waterloo or Dien Bien Phu and finally realize that the system was never designed for what they are trying to do with it. Unfortunately given it's profitability and a recession looming on the horizon they will try to extract every cent they can get out of this year's peak season. So contractors make sure that your hypertension prescriptions are up to date and a 5 gallon bucket full of antacids with you at all times.
  9. vantexan

    vantexan Well-Known Member

    And yet they're going to take over Express dels and pups?
  10. bacha29

    bacha29 Well-Known Member

    Given the margin potential rest assured they'll try it as sure as the sun comes up in the morning. If handed to them what choice will the contractor have? None. Except to try to do the job with the limited money X will give him. And if you can't you join the long list of parting contestants who go away without a parting gift aside from a snickering 'thank you' from X for having played the game.
  11. dmac1

    dmac1 Active Member

    With ISP, the contractor will have little or no choice but to add supplemental vehicles that used to be optional. I don't know if the ISPs get the bonus step pay that used to exist after a certain number of stops during peak.
  12. Purplepackage

    Purplepackage Well-Known Member

    If it was express the OP would've been talking a csa who probably would've called the courier (though whenever a csa calls my personal phone I don't answer and block the number).

    The hardest thing to do these days is figure out if the package was actually misdelivered/stolen or if it's some person trying to file a claim even though they received the package
  13. Fred's Myth

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    And you buy that line? I have some real estate I'm trying to unload.....
  14. It will be fine

    It will be fine Well-Known Member

    ISPs have a stop threshold over which we can decline additional stops. Fedex offers an amendment to the agreement during peak that raises that threshold well above what can reasonably be expected in the service area. In exchange the ISP gets an additional surge charge for stops over 85% of the original threshold. If you're HD they also pay a small weekly charge starting in October so you can hire extra people now to be prepared.
    This year I'm understaffed so I declined that amendment, I'm planning on a relaxed peak. We'll do what we can, but no way we are going to handle peak volume. Not going to be my problem this year.
  15. Code 82 Approved

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    Did you also have a call tag for a Samsung Galaxy Note 7?
  16. bacha29

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    Smart move. That so called " threshold" is nothing more than a poorly disguised production quota. And as you mention they raise it up so high that you can't reach it and the extra money never covers the cost of the battalion size group of people who have to hire to get there .That's assuming that you can find them. so the less you do the more money you make.
  17. oldrps

    oldrps Member

    Who delivers the packages that are over your threshold?

    Many years ago, we put on temp drivers for peak, do they still do this with ISP?
  18. bacha29

    bacha29 Well-Known Member

    Some smaller terminals still have some hourly temps around but they are on the way out. Most seasonal temps would rather work for the staffing agency because in many if not most cases the staffing agency pay is better and in a few cases far better. No question the ultimate goal is to eliminate hourly temps all together. The stated goal I was told was to eliminate peak season temps by 50% each year until they are completely gone.
  19. It will be fine

    It will be fine Well-Known Member

    Every year management pretends they won't need temps. Every year they still hire a handful. They can dump stops on ISPs that sign the amendment up to their thresholds even if it's out of their area. I've never seen them do that though. This year I'm expecting that I'll be delivering the extra stops, it just won't be in a timely fashion, we'll roll freight and catch up on Saturdays.
  20. bacha29

    bacha29 Well-Known Member

    Good way to look at it. Terminal managers hate hourly temps because they're budget killers, not to mention bonus killers. Too many contractors make the mistake of signing on to peak season volume without first having the men and machines in place to handle it. Experience has clearly shown that when it comes to XGround stop gap measures often become permanent solutions.