FedEx says Boeing orders depend on Congress

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    FedEx says Boeing orders depend on Congress - Reuters

    FedEx Corp will cancel an order to buy 15 Boeing Co jets, as well as an option for a further 15 planes, if Congress passes legislation that makes it easier for FedEx workers to organize under labor unions.

    At issue is whether FedEx loses its status under the jurisdiction of the Railway Labor Act, which protects companies from local labor action.
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    I don't think using an American CO. in your bribery efforts is very Kosher. So FDX will buy a French product??? Air Bus? They can have them.

    Chances are with the economy the way it is FDX was going to cancel that Boeing order anyway......Big threat, Fred!!
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    My Spouse knows someone who reports on labor issues in DC, and from what they've seen if Fred pulls this stunt, there are murmurs of a boycott on the FedEx Brand.
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    I've also heard that Obama won't sign an FAA Bill with Fred's special clause still in it. I'm with MoreLuck. Call this little tyrant's bluff and let him buy Airbus planes if he wants. As time goes on, more and more people are figuring out the way Smith works....and they don't like it.
  5. The last time I checked blackmail was still illegal.This is typical Fred Smith thinking he is omnipotent and makes the rules for everyone to follow.Wake up Fred you are nothing but a vile and despicable tyrant who should be overthrown.I strongly urge everyone to write or email your senators,congress people and President Obama to pass the legislation moving Fedex to the NLRB.Our goverment got rid of Sadam Hussain and Noriega now its time to get rid of Fred Smith.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Do you really think it fair to compare the CEO of the #2 delivery company in the world to the dictators that you mentioned? I think emotion may have gotten the better of you in this instance.
  7. over9five

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    Obama or Hussein?
  8. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Now that was funny. :funny:
  9. MrFedEx

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    I was thinking more in terms of Idi Amin or Fidel Castro.
  10. FedEx All the Way!

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    WAY TO GO FEDEX! - :greedy:
    FedEx Corp. didn’t illegally deny overtime pay to contract delivery drivers who accused the company of wrongly calling them entrepreneurs while treating them as employees, a Seattle jury decided.
    More than 320 contract ground drivers at FedEx, the second- biggest U.S. package delivery company, sued in a 2004 class- action, or group, lawsuit, demanding overtime at 1 1/2 times their regular pay. They also wanted reimbursement for uniforms.
    “Contractors freely chose to enter contracts with FedEx and operate their businesses as they choose,” Maury Lane, a FedEx spokesman, said after yesterday’s verdict.
  11. FedEx All the Way!

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    I can't believe some of the stuff I just read (love you DJ). It's easy to figure out who works for FEDEX and who does not or should not. I think everybody I have worked with at FEDEX for the last 19 years would gladly take another pay cut to keep their non-union jobs. If there are layoffs here at FEDEX then some of you claiming to be employees should go work for one of the unionized competitors and let the MAJORITY of us continue to enjoy one of the best working atmospheres at one of the best companies. We'd all be a lot happier don't you think? I would! Go Mr. Smith!

    D~ March 31, 2009 3:21PM EST I'm a 26 year old guy who is a FedEx Express Courier in IA and can happily say at the station I work at we don't want to be unionized, nor do we want anything to do with it. We are also well taken care of. Yeah it looks good when you see how much some union hourly employees make at other companies, But look at how bankrupt Unions make other companies go. The Unions don't need easier access to FedEx, they need to stay away. Fred Smith is a great owner and I think most Express employees would stand by that.

    J~ March 30, 2009 10:49AM EST I am a Fedex employee and we are very well cared for. There is no need for a union in our business. Whoever thinks we don't have profit is insane! We have already contracted to order these jets and all I have to say is GO FRED SMITH!!!! Congress needs to leave business alone so everyone has a chance to prosper. Everything that government runs, runs it straight into the ground. If you have time to put down a company that you don't even work for then maybe you need to find a job that you enjoy. I have been with Fedex for 5 years and I intend to stay :)

    W~ March 27, 2009 2:24PM EST I have a simple solution: any FedEx employees who are unhappy with their dirt-cheap health insurance and generous vacation plans leave FedEx and take a cushy Union job in the US Auto industry. Oh wait! The Unions have KILLED the US Auto industry, haven't they?! Oh, snap!

    GOOD GOING PEOPLE!!!!:peaceful:
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    Proponents of the Employee Free Choice Act received a big boost Tuesday morning with the publication of an independent poll showing majority support both for the legislation and the greater concept of increased unionization.
    Gallup Surveys released a study on Tuesday finding that 53 percent of respondents favored a new law that would "make it easier for labor unions to organize workers." Only 39 percent of respondents opposed such a law.
    When asked how important it was that Congress pass such a law, 26 percent of respondents said "very," 29 percent said "somewhat," 23 percent said "not too important," and 20 percent said "not important at all."
    Added up, the findings provide a solid boost to EFCA backers, with 55 percent expressing some desire to see Congress act on the legislation and 43 percent expressing a level of opposition or ambivalence (three percent said they had no opinion).
    The study was conducted via a poll of 1,024 people across the nation. The survey did not reference the legislation by its name ("Employee Free Choice Act") or by the descriptions used by its opponents, like "card check."
    That said, Gallup's description of the Employee Free Choice Act -- to "make it easier for labor unions to organize workers" -- seems one that cuts it relatively down the middle. Unions prefer to describe the legislation as giving "workers the free choice to join unions." The fact that a majority of respondents favored the legislation as described underscores the importance of the framing debate for business and labor.
    The cross-tabs of the Gallup's survey provide equally interesting data points. Asked whether they would "favor or oppose a new law that would make it easier for labor unions to organize workers," the respondent break down went like this:
    Republicans: 34 percent favor, 60 percent oppose; Independents: 52 percent favor, 41 percent oppose; and Democrats: 70 percent favor, and 23 percent oppose.​
    The surprise here: more than one out of every three Republicans favor laws that would ease unionization, suggesting there is room for labor officials to win over GOP converts.
    If nothing else, the Gallup Poll is a nice marking point for where the Employee Free Choice Act debate currently stands, contradicting Monday's Rasmussen Poll that claimed nine percent of workers wanted to join unions, and pushing against -- to a certain extent -- the corporate and union polls conducted up to this point.:happy2:
  13. Overpaid Union Thug

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    After reading this ridiculous post the phrase "cherry picking" came to mind. And the unions didn't kill the auto industry. Anyone who believes that is a little too gullible for a normal human being.
  14. MrFedEx

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    "Cherry picking" is a bit too tame.How about "selective lying"? The vast majority of FedEx employees are pro-union, especially since Fred pulled his little blackmail stunt last week over the Boeing 777 deal. That brainstorm convinced a lot of the fence-sitters that Smith would gladly throw them under the bus again for about the thousandth time. At least from an employee realtions perspective, Smith just stepped on his Richard big time with that lame move.

    There will always be a few brain dead individuals who will actively campaign against their own best interests. Limbaugh and Hannity love them, and so does Smith. There are several who actively post here that have room temperature IQ's and could not think themselves out of a corner.

    I couldn't agree with you more about the auto industry. Blaming the unions is always the easy answer for management and conservatives. If they'd like to nab the real culprits, all they have to do is look in the mirror.
  15. Tornup

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    Yeah and I know what color your face is!!!!!!!! What a crock. Keep telling your bull@##$$%%^^ Story...You just keep making yourself look more like a kiss ass. All you do is keep putting that smile on fedex's face while they laugh behind your back. You are not working for yourself, you are working for Fedex--WAKE UP, ONE DAY IT WILL HIT YOU LIKE A TON OF BRICKS. And you will have to find someone else to kiss up to. And I will be right there in line with a BIG SMILE ON MY FACE :happy-very:
    It's not over til the fat lady sings.:puppet:

  16. Broke

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    Remember dipstick, the union has to be voted in by a majority of workers.Give us a vote and then we'll all see how it turns out.
  17. BrownBlue

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    It's just a company published PR scam, just like all Wall-Mart commercials. The 'I love my job' advertising is usually a sure sign of a crappy job.:peaceful:
  18. FedEx All the Way!

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    As we know it today? Probably. The Government is doing everything possible to Unionize this nation and thus bring down companies. Fed Ex is the latest that could be gone soon. I will be so glad when the Republicans are back in 2010 and it will be great to see Obama gone after his first term. He is definitely a one termer. The unions brought down the auto industry single handed and now it will bring down the trucking industry. Others are coming as Obama gets his hands on business and free enterprise. Socialism or a Dictatorship is what he is after.
  19. MrFedEx

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    Yes, I'm sure they'll be back in 2010. Just like 10-cent candy bars and the Model T. Do you ever think before you write this crap?
  20. Broke

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    Why do you have such a problem with a worker wanting to make a decent wage?Obviously you know Fedex isn't really a good place to work because you, like the rest of management at Fedex fear us actually having a vote on whether or not we want union representation.All of you know the way it's gonna turn out when we have our choice, so just be honest and just say it's a ****ty place to work.Look at our turnover rate vs. UPS. We make $10-$15 an hour less and our benefits are not even comparable.Why don't you give just one legitimate reason on why we shouldn't want union representation?