FedEx Stock Price

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by over70lbpkg, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. over70lbpkg

    over70lbpkg Guest

    Anyone else see the FedEx stock price above the UPS stock price during the day, it closed .12 lower than UPS. How can this be???
  2. wvbrown

    wvbrown Guest

    They market themselves better than UPS on Wall Street. They also false advertise to the public.
  3. mountaingoat

    mountaingoat Guest

    FDX is seen as a growth company. They are pushing their numbers very heavily with the growth of the ground business. Most of that growth is coming from us. I know that we are taking away some of their air and we're growing internationally, but Wall St's perception is that they have much more room to grow than we do.
  4. dannyboy

    dannyboy Guest

    I look for FDX to be taken over. MAybe later on this year, or next.

  5. moreluck

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    By whom?
    By who?

    I wish I'd paid more attention in grammar class.
  6. wvbrown

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    The brotherhood of the teamsters would do them some justice
  7. dannyboy

    dannyboy Guest

    Just wait and watch. The signs are there.

    And all the more reason to fight to get back all the volume we have lost, and more. NOW!!! While we are strong and seem to be invincable, we CAN be brought to our knees if not careful.