For those financially concerned about a strike…. How to cover your self


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A polite society is an armed society! Don't ever forget that. Molon Labe. Don't threaten people! You are not special.


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You should have taken out the whole 50k out when covid hit, took the tax hit, and put it into a boomer broker index fund with 0 fees that you have total control of.

Imagine having money that is your money, and in many cases already had taxes paid…. That isn’t your money.

People using the ups 401k are giving up control of their money to the bankers just for a 15% tip (tax break)

401k’s are a scam, especially with no company match, but advisors shill these things to prop up the markets, and keep stock prices in select funds (cough cough bright futures) supported, while prudential is getting a huge compounding cut that ends up being worse than the 15% tax savings in many instances.
I’ve saved $201,997 in my 401k since 2014. Doesn’t feel like a scam to me. Feels like a breath of fresh air.

0.019% expense ratio on the S&P 500 fund…. Very inexpensive. Thanks to economies of scale we get those low ER’s.

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...And the truth rears its ugly head. Could probably find work as the poster child of the type that shouldn't be allowed to touch their retirement funds.

I swear, I've heard half a dozen homeless boomers talk just like that.