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    I've seen several people selling FedEx uniforms online, especially on Ebay. I thought that was against company policy. As far as I know, even when you retire or get fired, your uniforms needed to be returned. Can you sell them legally on eBay?
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    I think thats right. When I got fired, my old MGR called me, asked me to return my uniforms and that it was company property. I told him no problem, just send me 3 Fedex large boxes, ill toss them in the boxes and call for a pickup. The boxes never came and he hasn't called back. I tossed out a ton of clothing, jackets, pants, polo shirts, shorts, had two hooded fleece jackets, (very hot item up in the cold north) everything was trashed that day, it was a great feeling.
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    Yep they want their uniforms back when someone leaves the company but keeping track of any long term employee's uniform purchases throughout the years has got to be a logistical nightmare.
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    As contractors, we are allotted a certain number of uniforms based on routes. We can exchange them out for different sizes or ones in better condition (if they are too worn out), but if employees don't return their uniforms, we have to pay for more. As far as the nice jackets and the hats, we pay out of pocket for those.
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    Regardless of how you feel your company, your supervisor or upper management, take a moment and think.
    Think about those rowdy five years olds waving to you while the crossing guard tries to guide them across the street.
    Think about family members enthusiastically shopping on black Friday.
    Think about that elderly couple on the corner that never forgets your name and always has an envelope for their driver during the holidays.
    Now, think trust.
    Stop and think about the trust strangers place in uniformed delivery drivers driving a truck, van or package car emblazed with FedEx or UPS
    You have a delivery for that grade school, receiving is by the kindergarten entrance, and those little ones recognize the truck with their pink noses pressed against the glass. The new school year started, you can expect to make regular deliveries of books and technology.
    Generally, easy access for you.
    Black Friday, you are out delivering while the family is out trying to "steal" hot prices and coveted gifts.
    Generally, nothing odd about a delivery vehicle fighting traffic and navigating a handtruck in the mall, in fact, it is expected...
    The elderly couple pays the kid next door to keep the sidewalk clear of snow and ice because they worry about that kind driver they always see the first Monday every month with the painkillers, in fact , it is predictable...
    That uniform is valuable and it is a ticket to almost ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.
    Think of the fatal damage, which could occur in that school.
    Think of the fatal damage, which could occur in that mall.
    Think of the fatal damage, which could occur in a home invasion.
    Think about that uniform and the implied symbol of trust sewn on it...
    If management doesn't collect it from you...shame on them.
    You leave, retire or grow out of the item with the passport to anywhere emblazed on it...protect it with your life.
    You are hot and take your jacket off...take the extra measure to secure it in your truck.
    No donating the clothing item...destroy it.
    The uniform is an easy ticket and it opens doors...protect it.
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    They need to put food on the table, I guess.
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    I especially love it when i walk in and they say.."UPS is here!"
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    I know that some stations donate the old clothes at Express but they cut all the logo's off. I've seen homeless people wearing them. I guess that's better than wasting them in the trash. Oh, wait, our new hires use our recycled old crap now! Better way to use it to the bean counters. Shameful.
  9. Operational needs

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    All very valid points.
  10. Im going to assume you're not talking about FDX Ground or Express. If you are hearkening back to the glory days of UPS, I understand your sentiment. If you are referring to any opco at FDX with that silliness, you are the ultimate kool aid drinker. I was a courier for many a year, through peak and beyond, and a Ground/HD driver for a while also through many peaks. Never once did anyone shovel the driveway for me. No kids pressed their noses up to the wall at schools. Every single person in the mall ignored me, which is the way it is. None of those things you describe happen at FedEx. Maybe in the golden days of UPS or USPS. This is a profit machine now. Driver release, then move on to the next. Customer service has given way to volume.
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    I am sad you have not experienced positive human interactions while delivering. Your experience is more of an exception than a rule.

    Last year, a UPS driver was caught up in workplace violence at a stop and killed by a gun. The loss left a huge hole in the daily experience with random consignee's that recognized their driver's face but didn't know his name.

    In our delivery world, we, all delivery drivers, have more positive interactions than negative.
    We wear uniforms.
    We are a symbol of normality in communities devastated by weather events.
    We are trusted and held to higher standards.

    This isn't Kool-Aid....
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    I buy all my uniforms off's the only way I can get new stuff these days
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    The point is that a lot of damage can be done by someone buying a uniform from ebay or a thrift shop or somewhere, renting a box truck, and masquerading as a delivery driver. Are you intentionally trying to miss the point?
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    exactly why i buy meteor insurance..
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    A big part of this problem is management churning employees. They hire them, train them, put them in a uniform and a truck and send them on the road. A few months or even weeks later when they figured out they have been lied to, they quit. FedEx itself is glutting the market for slightly used uniforms.

    ​Maybe they should wait until the person has been with the company a year before issuing a uniform.
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    You are so right about the "churn" factor. Turnover is high because this is a lousy place to work, plain and simple. New employees are hired with a boatload of false promises, and then soon find out what a craphole FedEx really is. No surprise that they quit, and that they attempt to recoup a few bucks from their stupidity by selling their uniform items on eBay. Most of them "know" what a great place to work this is, because FedEx still has a reputation as an excellent employer. That reputation isn't deserved, but the PR Department still knows how to sell this place.

    I love it when I see some bum downtown wearing FedEx gear, and I like it even better when someone pulls a heist wearing genuine FedEx uniform items.
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    Thank goodness courier companies don't have to deal with any sort of complex logistical problem.
  18. I have indeed experience positive interactions. I've also experienced some negative ones. The point I'm trying to make is, the overwhelming majority of my interactions were completely neutral. UPS / FedEx perform identical roles using two very separate models. UPS is very customer oriented, and I understand where you're coming from. You guys are paid well with nice benefits, so smiling and taking your time with customers is of no consequence. Most Ground guys here are salaried at sometimes half of UPS wages, so customer service comes second after volume. Most Ground drivers I know are decent enough folk, but if you boil down their actual hourly wages, it't between 10-14 bucks an hour. Most of them have families or other things and as sad as it is, customer service is not a priority. Its driver release and go. It's the nature of the beast... you get what you pay for... etc etc.

    The point being.... most people do not see a FedEx man and go out of heir way to bring them cookies and milk, chit chat, etc. They look at FedEx like they look at the Pepsi guy stocking sodas in Costco, completely neutral. A normal presence, but not one that elicits enough joy to break their normal routine to do something nice. UPS may be different, and that is a good thing.
  19. Operational needs

    Operational needs Non desistas. Non exieras.

    I have to disagree with you on this. I don't know how it is for a Ground courier, but as a long-time Express courier, I have had many great interactions with customers, from those who were ecstatic that we were delivering their latest Harry Potter book, to those who load you down with cold drinks on a hot day or cookies they baked at Christmas. I will NEVER let stops per hour dictate to me how I will treat my customers. The envelope our paychecks came in used to have a statement that said, "A satisfied customer made this check possible". It may sound hokey, but I STILL believe that is true. Without the customer NONE of us have jobs, whether Express, Ground, or UPS. If that means protecting our brands by destroying uniforms, so be it.
    And trust me, I stopped bleeding purple LONG time ago!!
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    Been awhile since we've seen that, huh?

    It should read now " A greedy CEO made this check much smaller than you thought possible."