FedEx vs. UPS: The Gloves Come Off Over Labor

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    FedEx vs. UPS: The Gloves Come Off Over Labor - Gerson Lehman

    Here's the skinny: FedEx is threatening to cancel billions of dollars of cargo plane orders from Boeing if the Employee Free Choice Act becomes law.

    What FedEx really is objecting to is UPS's behind-the-scenes lobbying on behalf of the EFCA. Why? UPS already is organized, with about 240,000 of its 425,000 workers belonging to the Teamsters union.

    How this turns out will go a long way to deciding which of these giants can dominate the freight sector in the coming years.
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    The FedEx threat has nothing to do with EFCA -- and I haven't seen any evidence that UPS is lobbying for EFCA. They're most likely against it. FedEx's gripe is about the RLA amendment to the FAA reauthorization act. The amendment would make FedEx employees, like UPS employees, covered by the National Labor Relations Act instead of the Railway Labor Act, which they are covered under now. The difference is under RLA you have to organize all FedEx workers across the country and get 50% + 1 to sign cards so they can have an election. Under NRLA you can organize location by location.
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    Make it a fair playing field, Fed X comes under the air board and ups comes under the ground board. A total different set of rules to play by.
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    :happy2:good let fedx cancel there orders.some day ups will order from boeing.fed x doesn't offer what ups does.