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    Hello, I am a FedEx Freight Road Driver which is comparable to a UPS "Brown" Feeder Driver, or so I have been told. I have caught wind on the hiring spree UPS has been doing with bringing in potential off the street guys. I am in the Indianapolis area and I know that it is a decent size hub which may make it tough to get on straight off the street.

    I have a couple people I know that did it in areas where the job posting says "Full-time/Temporary/Seasonal, and have made it off the street bypassing that temp/seasonal right into full-time/perm. I applied in Indy and after I submitted an app and time schedule for an interview it said "This is a Temporary Full-time Seasonal Feeder position working from Oct. to Dec. 40+ hours a week to cover high peak volume. must be flexible with hours which will be ON CALL.

    Is it possible to get on without being temp/seasonal like the other people in different buildings have done or no? Also there are some posting on UPSjobs where it just says Full-time Tractor Trailer Driver, no temp/seasonal in the posting at all. Those postings are in different states but I am determined to become a part of the UPS "Brown" team as a Feeder Driver so the move is possible.

    At FedEx Freight I pull doubles to and from service centers/terminals about 131 to 250 miles away and then work the dock for 5 hours and head back to my original domicile. So I am used to Monday night to Saturday morning work 14 hours each night. I am 27 years old and just got married and would like to have a child but with FedEx Freight, the pay, benefits, and time to get to days, with what you give up and the little received here, make the journey to the top long and arduous and hard on a family trying to make it. Reasons to go Brown stack up easily over the reasons to stay.

    Question is should I stay and wait it out hoping in a few years I could get on as Full-time/Perm at UPS which could take years without working seasonal. Or uproot and apply to the positions that just say Full-time Tractor Trailer Driver position? Sorry for the long post but I want to get everything out on the table and get some advice and answers from some UPSers out there. Thanks if you can offer some advice. Be safe and God Bless.
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    This time of year, all positions are seasonal.
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    Anyone else want to add your insight or thoughts?

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    AFAIK they're still hiring permanent team drivers @ Hodgkins, IL (just outside Chicago, that terminal is called "CACH" or 6059) to run to & from Minneapolis Mon-Thur.

    IMO, if you're seeing jobs listed without 'seasonal', then they are permanent. The only caveat is they might extend the probationary period, delaying when you start receiving health insurance.

    About the team job I mentioned above:
    • I think you need 5 yrs all weather driving experience.
    • They want a 2-3 yr commitment on the sleeper run.
    • Starting pay $.40/mi, base mileage 1,705 per drvr, $25/day for meals
    • extra work likely available on Fri, @ 1.5x (starting hourly rate $16.10)
    • Benefits & raise after completing probationary period (6-8 wks depending on how they count the M-Th workweek, & they might delay starting that until about mid January?)
    • Annual raises, top pay after 4 yrs.
    • This is a Teamster Local 710 job. They are working under an extension of their expired contract (16 months so far). They overwhelmingly voted down the first agreement presented. The starting pay rates are from the old contract.
  5. Bound2Drive

    Bound2Drive Work hard, then work harder.

    Thanks Hondo for the reply, I honestly think I will stick with FedEx for now since what I have sounds better than the sleeper team type of position. I go in Monday for a driving test and interview so hopefully all goes well which I am sure it will.

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