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    I know UPS has to hire so many package car drivers off of the street but do they have to hire so many feeder drivers off of the street also? I also put about 3 years into this company so far I was just wondering what my chances are to be hired has a feeder driver and not starting at a package car driver. I have all the credentials that they need for a feeder driver and HR said they will be hiring full time feeder drivers after Christmas. Thanks.
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    UPS doesn't "have" to hire off the street...rather they are required per contractual language to hire atleast 6(sort):1(outside) hire, every 7th hire can be from the outside but it's at their decretion..they can continue to hire from inside the building and never hire from outside....promoting part timers with atleast 6months senority is what they are required to do.
  3. cachsux

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    UPS has to exhaust eligible employees before they can hire off the street.
  4. DS

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    And they are very good at exhausting us.
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    The problem is so many of the inside people who go driving DON'T LAST!!! They hate the driving job and go back to their inside job.

    An outside hire who wants to drive is much more likely to stick it out.
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    Best thing to do is ask those questions from people working the building or area you live in. Each area is different and where they may be hiring feeder drivers off the street in your area is very rare for us to do so in others.
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    good point; there are internals who know what they want, but there are externals that are the same way, too.
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    If you are already working as a teamster in the company, you probably have no chance of getting hired into feeder. You have to work package full time for years. At my building there are no off the street hires for feeder. You have to have around 15 years of full time package.
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    I heard from one of our feeder drivers, at one center he goes to, none of the package drivers wanted to give up their routes. The list went to the hub and preload. Now I wish it was like that in my center.
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    In our center, they just use Jippos. They are cheaper, and they get to destination often quicker, because they are often sleeper teams. They dont hire off street in feeders at our hub. Also, it is a 6 year wait for pkg driver from part time, and 6 years of package to be hired as a feeder driver.