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  1. We are on call in feeders in DSM Iowa 24hrs 7days a week 365 days a year are drivers are wrote up for not answering the phone. I know some places dont have on call. Can some one tell me what they have out there so we can put together a better system. Our guy/gals run 7 day a week (as of a couple of years ago) here we have to cover about 65 to 70 brown runs and 6 to 11 sleeper team runs and the phone rings any time of the day any day of the week someone is going to get killed out there this is crazy it could be someones kid meeting our trucks out there. We have had about 5 people quit in the last 6 months. They were 3 to 5 year people tired of it all. Unsafe and getting screwed by our managers.
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    You must be a """"casual driver"""" , which means you get the left-over routes when reg. drvrs like my selft call in sick or take personals, I dont have that problem, cuz i have a job number assigned to me!! get some senority, and you wont have that problem...
  3. It does not effect me but since you brought it up I started in 1985 been full time for 8 years I just got bumped down to the on call board I was third from the bottem bid I have a job to bid/Pick from every week but these other 20 guys as you call casual drivers should have a better set up someone is ging to get killed when you went full time Im sure UPS was not a 24/7/365 operation. the way it is now the dont know when to sleep and cant have any home life Dont sell them out thats what teamsters is all about looking after your brothers/sisters

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