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    I am wondering if anyone is familiar enough with the Norther California contract to point me in the right direction to learn if a grievance is realistic. Here is the situation. Several Feeder relief drivers are being "held over" on Monday (not being given the option of going to package where they are guranteed work) for feeder relief jobs on Monday night. Because they are "held over", they are guranteed work for that day (as I understand the contract). The common weekly scenario goes like this; 3pm start Monday, 5pm start Tuesday, LAYOFF on Wednesday, package on Thursday, and a "hold over" for friday night work (usually something like an 11pm WAD). So basically, UPS is forcing the relief drivers to take an unpaid day off almost every week (because even though they are only "held over" on Monday, they are unavailable for package work the remainder of the week due to the late start times). The relief guys who are not also package drivers have the option to go back into the building and work instead of riding the relief list. My hang up here is that the "back in the building guys" have a start time in the evening, so they can drive feeders Monday and Tuesday night, and then go back in the building Wednesday instead of taking the layoff. So on Wednesday, while the higher seniority feeder relief driver who usually goes to package is on a layoff day, the lower seniority guys who work in the building are uneffected. Is it reasonable to grieve the hours of the lower seniority guys who are given the work in the building? Should UPS be offering work in the building to all feeder relief drivers, regardless of their ability to work packages? Also, is there any stipulation that UPS has to offer work all weel after holding over on Monday? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
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    I am not a feeder driver nor am I familiar with the NorCal supplement but from what you described it appears that you have a legitimate grievance.
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    In Nor Cal, We work five consecutive days, there is no mid-week layoff. In our local a relief driver will start work Sunday night @2100 at straight time pay guaranteed 8hrs. of work. Shift ends Monday morning at 5:30. He either returns to package on Tuesday regular a.m. start time, and finishes his work week there or if needed in feeder Monday night after 10hours off he is available at sixth day (premium pay) rate of pay. A relief driver who has never had a annual bid job in feeder, returns to his full time package route when there is no available feeder jobs, no employee with less seniority bumps a senior driver for any and all work. Some relief drivers will bid to stay in package all week, however if a driver is needed in feeder, we go down the list in seniority order, to fill the job. That driver may end up working Monday-Thursday in package, then Friday night in feeder, then Sunday night @2100. If you have seniority over the guys in the building, you should be working feeder, if the building guys are working feeder, you should be compensated at feeder rate of pay for all work done by building guys, including overtime. How is it that you are required to take a layoff day in the middle of the work week? At the very least, you should be working feeder on Wednesday with a start time no later that 1400 in order to be off at 2230 and report to package Thursday at 0830. I hope this helps a little.