Fellow teamsters anti union


Unfortunately, I’m not sure there is much you or anyone can do against this tyrant. Like I stated he’s been kicked out of two buildings in NY already. Then he was kicked off the twilight in my building. Apparently nobody in management wants to work with him . From a union

Member standpoint my problem is he was thrown out of all those sorts because the management teams he worked with hated him and refused to work with him. Not because of the union. Which scares me. Among other things from what I hear he would make his management partners do his work for him and then blame them when something went wrong. He would create drama and turn the management work force against each other by making up stories and being a liar. And I believe all of that and more because that’s exactly what he does in my building. On my shift employees from management and the union have called corporate on him many times because of his countless payroll mistakes and for harassment. Our union is pretty powerful but seems powerless against him. In fact even the business agent avoids him. The most our union BA ever did was file an anonymous corporate complaint against him for not paying people correctly. I think when that happened he messed up four newly made 22.3 full timers paychecks in just one week. It’s the BA’s job to take this guy on straight up. Not behind the scenes ! So we weren’t happy with that. The outcome of that BA complaint was UPS doesn’t let this full timer do timecards anymore. A Full time management person making maybe close to 100,00 a year or more who has nothing nice to say about anyone else can’t correctly do his own timecards. Part time employees with less experience and who are making much less have to complete this important task for him. And don’t think for a second he appreciates it. He will blame them and scold them in a second for any mistakes they might make. And the crazy thing is , it’s across the board , both union and management are in agreement about him and have filed complaints against him. He’s been sat down by LP security more times then I can count. Yet somehow he’s still around. And not only still around but there are talks of him becoming a manager? We were talking in the cafeteria about this and were saying if they make this illiterate compulsive liar a manager how UPS will lose all credibility and become an absolute laughing stock. My union also says if they make him a manager they will refuse any future discipline based on his past history of getting away with multiple terminable offenses . That being said he’s on his 10th vacation or time off period for the year this week . Which we find ironic because whenever any other employees in the building has a problem he harasses them and tells them to leave their problems at the door. Then tries to write them up. But , when he has any sort of problem those harsh rules don’t apply to him. He will be the first one to leave early and will take days and weeks off at a time. Even when he’s at work he hides in an office and makes the other full timers and part time management people do his work for him. Then leaves early. Takes the credit for anything that goes well and for anything that doesn’t go right he blames everyone else. Great system. And it’s working for him. You can tell when this tyrant is off too. Less tension and arguments in the building. Operation runs smoother . So everyone is enjoying our time away from him this week. But he will be back with his usual bag of tricks on Monday so like the Boy Scouts we will need to be prepared. The crazy thing is before this tyrant showed up on my shift I worked for some pretty decent full timers. Some better then others. Ive had my share of disagreements over the years with some of them. But I was lucky enough to never even need the union until this man showed up. UPS created the need for having a union. They only have themselves to blame. If they didn’t keep people like this full timer we wouldn’t need a union. So this will remain a mystery. Pay a full timer all that money and he takes off half the year because of his personal problems , works 4 to 5 hours a day , hides in offices and makes part timers do half if not more of his job for him ? Only at UPS! And they are worried about 1 misload when it’s 125 degrees inside the trailer ! I just gave you some examples of this mans behavior. There is plenty I left out. To much to even remember and or type. So yeah it’s sad some of us have to deal with people like that at UPS. But in closing don’t feel bad for me. Because like I said prior to him I had some pretty good management people working with me. I only read about the bad ones. I guess it’s my turn to actually work with one now.
Good lord how about a TLDR version