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I don’t know man. I only drove package for 2 months and I’ve only been driving feeders for 4 years. There isn’t much chance to hit a house in feeders and if you do then you have no choice but to self report. Dudes been driving long enough to retire so I’m guessing 30 years or more and so much can and will happen in those 30 years. Just saying
It was a field stone wall, a stone was moved and I straightened it out. Customer saw it and never filed a claim because nothing was damaged. A house! What a liar, read my original post, no mention of a house. He couldn’t carry my jock strap the punk.

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So, what is a "safety coordinator"? What is an "extension"? What does your sex have to do with it(not gender)?

What you seem to be saying......you went the whole 30 days with zero input, comment or seeing an ORS? Never saw a report, manager any other person? And how did you punch in, get your diad, route etc.? You did this all on your own?


Really? So you acclimated to the heat after a week?

And you didn't think it was odd that NO PERSON ever talked to you.....during training ! ?

You got up every morning and did a route? Just picked a route and car, did as you pleased?

I have never heard of such in my 40 years.

BTW, in preload......you never heard of a Union Steward. Do you pay dues? Ever asked why or where your money was going?

How long at UPS?

And were you under/over-allowed? And this didn't get the attention of anyone? You say you got the job done......but didn't say how well...missed stops, pkgs. Service failures never came up in any conversations? You didn't get into trouble anywhere? Wow.

Lastly, when you checked out your diad in the morning....you didn't ask where your training sup was?.....like : Hey where's Bob my training sup?". Was your Mgr. awol too? And pkgs were loaded in your diad and matched your pkg car....right? And if so....who coordinated all that? How about pickups? All smooth and trouble free? Remarkable......
And… perhaps

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He who laughs last didn't get it.
Hey Brown Community.

I am a new driver and I was trying to qualify. I went through my whole 30 days with zero progress reports or any input from my supervisor. I had to learn how to be a driver on my own. The first day for training I was given heat stroke and had to battle dehydration and heat exhaustion the rest of the week.

I walked in last week with no notification after getting there early like usual, to only be told that I can’t finish my full 30 and that I should show up Monday for preload. I went the full time with no incident or accident. I am not sure how to fight it or what I can do…any ideas from those with experience in UPS?

Real feedback only please.
Have your BA read this entire thread


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Have your BA read this entire thread

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Anyways I tried to read as much of the thread as possible but it really does not change the advice much.

Learn the union stuff. Attend some meetings. They provide literal, tangible power to you. As a part time preloader I've always pissed off managers by going to driver shop stewards for issues. It's a good strategy if you get kicked down to PT.

If you sheeted a package for 30 days you made it. If your training route was modified egregiously (especially when doing extra work or other routes) you made it.

Don't ever give anybody the satisfaction of thinking they were right to disqualify you. My favorite mindset is you are aiming at 35 years at the company to outlast those kids and not a single day justifies their previous actions towards you.

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Why would the Company bring on a driver who didn't drink anything and heat stroked out because of it on day 1?
People do stupid sheetz starting out on anything.

Sure, but if you're the Company you don't want to be looking at the possibility of a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of a deceased driver down the road if you bring on a driver who didn't drink anything and heat stroked out because of it on day 1. You'd prefer to just bring on the next person in line for the job.

There's an example of such a lawsuit posted on the front page of this site right now.