Fighting at work we know the rules right ????

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  1. I have seen it on BC many times. what happend to people that fight at work. Well this happend a few weeks ago in my hub I would just like to see whats your take on this. Shopstewart VS Part time sup Round one and over !!!!!! From what I have found out from different workers and sup The shopstewart was watching the sup work the last few days and has been asking hin not to work he will do the work(fri) well monday came and the Shopstewart see him working and was walking behind him telling him to stop working and the sup turned and punched him in the face well he fell to the floor and that was all. No one seen what happen. now to be fare to the part time sup he stated that the Shopstewart punched him in the back of the head and he then turned and punch him in the face.

    Well the drum roll please Shopstewart got the boot and the sup is back at work like nothing happend the BA is :censored2: off. from what I can tell is ups is always right and can do no wrong that is why the sup has a job and the Shopstewart is now out of work and it was all he said she said :whiteflag:
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    Shopstewart see him working and was walking behind him telling him to stop working

    I know I will get pummeled for this, but in today's world it's not a good idea to follow someone and talk to the person's back, they may feel threatened. How ever I am very surprised the PT supervisor is back to work in the same operation.
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    I learned a new word today. "Shopstewart". :happy-very:
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    to be "fare" is it possible the "stewart" actually hit the sup in the back of the head.

    We've could have fired both of them or we fire the guy who threw the first punch. I've seen it go both ways.
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    In any case its better not to be throwing any punches, first or otherwise. Knowing how these thing go, it seems to me that if you are hit, calling 911 is the proper next step. That way at least you will get a third party to intervene. If you are terminated, you can use the police report as evidence to sue the :censored2: off the idiot who started it, compoany, union or otherwise.
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    Please learn how to speak English before posting next time.Thanks.
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    In thirty years I know personally of only two physical encounters. A driver supposedly shoved a manager, and in the other case a part-time sup threw a box at a union employee. The driver and the sup both lost their job.
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    I lost 15 bucks on the shopstewart.
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    For all your holiday needs. Haha.
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    Before we had the issue of workplace violence I know of 2 managers in a multi center building that could not work out a dispute verbally so it became physical. Both individuals kept their jobs but lost the respect of their employees.
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    Back when I was a preloader we had 2 guys throw right on the sort isle. They both gave each other their lumps and ended up rolling around on top of each other while going down one of the lower belts while the belt was running. Our manager was cool about it and let it go once the guys shook hands. No jobs lost. That was back in 1992ish.