Filing Labor Charges

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by UnconTROLLed, Sep 25, 2019.

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    The fun has yet to begin. This is just a warm up
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    So why don’t you get the advice number for the check and go to your manager and have them issue a stop payment on the check and re issue you a new check? The money is owed to you so if the check went missing and it is not a direct deposit check the company needs to put in a stop payment and reissue you a new check.
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    For the fourth time...Months ago, a steward told me to go to HR. I did. They did nothing. Initially said there was no check. I gave them the check/advice #. Then they found it. Supposably Wrote a memo to payroll, according to them, and stop payment. Of course they probably did no such thing, since HR's (four of them) talents include doing the least it can do during work hours. ;)
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    And finally you admit...

    So to sum it up, UPS, who self admittedly has a history of improper dues deductions in your local, errored and deducted excessive dues again and yet you take shot after shot at your local.

    What did those kids do to you on the playground?
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    Nice trolling, not really. Despite the extra nonsense in the thread, my question has been semi-answered. There apparently is no recourse through the union, that's the point of creating the thread. Dur! I have an advocate that will double-check. Not a schill ..:D
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    All someone had to do was point me in the direction that there is no language, teeth, in the contract to hold a UPS accountable. Lol. That's sad, but another thread :D
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    If you got a check for $71 from UPS then you got the money back. You admitted this in your initial post but then said the union kept the money.

    However, in defense of why you misunderstood what happened, the deduction box IS technically marked wrong. A deduction (subtraction) of -71 is mathematically the same as an addition of 71. Be cautious when you see double negatives being used in finances. Is this what threw you off?
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    I did understand that...I said the union claimed it was used for dues and that is incorrect. As far as I understand. Agaon, if the contract says "squat", so be it, but I am suspicious and would like to know of any past rulings or practice, too.
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    So you need advice on how to utilize the union contract yet advocate for union weakening RTW?

    And then you call me a troll.

    Your question was answered in post 5 and post 10. Read your contract.
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    I thought the reason we have a union is to advocate for the wronged. Apologies
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    /thread, questions answered to any degree possible within this thread and thanks to anyone who helped. :)
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    If you really want to get it fixed. Go to your Manager, not HR. With a copy of the check.
  14. UnconTROLLed

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    Know your contract= locker room laywer
    Ask questions = TDU

    Good stuff ;)
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    All in one post, you ask for advice and then espouse a support of RTW.

    More like being a freeloading scab.

    Bad move.
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    Don't waste anymore time on this with HR,management or the union hall. FILE with your STATE's Wage and Hours division. Be sure to have COPIES of all of your documentation -who you talked to, what day -their response. The company does not want to get involved with Wage and Hours. You will get your answer and your money. Everyone will put you off (as you've noticed) it's not their money and THEY DON'T CARE. Good luck and keep us informed.
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    yeah, I knew they don't care, that wasn't in question. Lol. Honestly, I prefer they don't.
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    Only if you knew what you were dealing with here. BI is the worst of the worst. 90 percent of the union times. I am sure is spent on this kid. Enough is not enough with him. I am sure he doesn't listen to anything that he is asked of, because he is one of those that thinks he is smarter than everyone else. There is two sides to every story.
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    BI, why don't you tell the whole story. How many times have you been fired? Come on tell the truth. Since you are fulltime and don't like to work your guarantee 8 hours. I heard that you have some Brother and Sister Teamsters on Strike. Since you have so much time because you don't like to work your 8 hours. At least you could do is show some support on the line.
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