Fired For Gross Negligence..

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by laurietito, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. laurietito

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    I Was Fired For Gross Negligence. Police Report Showed It Was Not My Fault... Motorcyclist Passed Away On The Scene.... He Was Speeding! Any Suggestions??

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    Your story (or lack of it) is too vague, try expanding by including details and final disposition.
  3. Ghost in the Darkness

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    I think this is something that all of us fear. From what I've always heard any accident involving a fatality would result in termination whether at fault or not. But that being said don't go by hearsay, talk with your union steward and union higherups. Definitely do all that you can and exhaust all possiblities. I'm sorry you are in this position and I wish you all the best.
  4. laurietito

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    Thank's For The Support. The Union Did Not Help At All. Would Like To Sue The Hell Out Of U.p.s. Out Of Options....
  5. brownmonster

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    I would hate to be in your situation. I don't know if I could continue driving after being involved in something like that. As far a sueing goes UPS probably has deeper pockets when it comes to legal representation.
  6. laurietito

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    You Are Probably Right!! An Accident Like This Can Change Your Life Forever!! Everyone Be Careful Out There... It Can Happen To Anyone!!you Look Left Right Left And Hope For The Best!!
  7. paidslave

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    You are receiving a very bad rap. I would suggest retaining legal counsel immediately!