Fired for signing for a dump stop.

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    We lost a driver today (young gunner) for signing for a 90 piece stop because the recieving clerk wasn't available to sign. So he just signed his own name and left. One of the pkgs was a damaged high value and when the higher ups at this place wanted to know who the heck signed for this busted pkg, low and behold it was our driver. Hope he gets his job back but learns a lesson.
  2. I hope your steward told him he gets paid to wait until the receiver is available. Whether that's 2 minutes or 20.
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    As long as he signed his name and not someone elses, it can not be dishonesty. He will prob end up with a suspension out of it, but they should bring him back.

    Why is it the new guys always seem to have to feel no, instead of just understanding the command?

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    LMAO and it's so true
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    BTW we have a fulltime sup who thinks of nothing but numbers, did the same when he was a driver. He actually instructs new drivers to used "signed delivery notice" at any stop to save time. He needs to be gotten rid of and hopefully it will happen one day soon,. He is a total jerk and as dishonest as they come, but a very affable fellow when he wants to be, he has the center manager and div manager (both female) completely bamboozled. When a couple of drivers tried to talk to them about some of his antics, the div manager wouldn't listen, interrupped and said " Stop right there so and so has a bright future with UPS"
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    So what is wrong with that? If the customer signs a delivery notice for you to leave the packages, then why would you not do so?

    When I left delivery, I had a collection of well over 15,000 delivery notices, organized by routes and street.

    Now, if he is telling you to use a delivery notice when you do not actually have one, then it is your butt on the line when they start checking back, not his.

    :biting:Management will never ever ever tell you to do something wrong! Ever!:biting:


    hehehe, you wont beleive how hard that was to force myself to type that.
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    What's wrong with that? This is first attempt, no notice exists. He knows they don't save them.
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    I once left 285 packages on a delivery notice at a dock for a business. And you bet, I still have it in the filing cabinet. BUt I did have them before I left them.

    My experience with delivery notices began back when we had to get signatures on each and every delivery. (pre DR days)

    I noticed that 90% of the deliveries went to 5% of the population of where I was delivering. I hated to bring packages back, sometimes 10 or more a day. And in many areas, trying to find a neighbor home was a lost cause and could cost you 10 minutes or more.

    So what I did was when I caught the customer home, I would get them to sign several delivery notices for me, for future deliveries. I explained to them why, and everyone of them were happy with the situation.

    My paid day went down, and I had less then 2 sendagains a day. So while it took a little time up front, it paid off very well long term.

    Now, without the signature on the delivery notice, it is a dishonest act, and when the crap hits the fan, it will have a termination for those that follow his orders. Even if you taped the conversation, you would get fired, and he might get a slap on the wrist.

  9. Covemastah

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    i knew a guy who used the ''signed deil notice method''' and he unwantingly had to buy a 5000.oo$$$ watch i'd rather step over a bundle for three days than buy it!!!!
  10. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    Dannyboy i was taught back in the old days{{we were on paper}}} that a signed delivery notice [info notice ,to you new kids]was NOT ACCEPTABLE at a business!! maybe i wasn't trained right,but i never did it
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    Ah the good old days before DR. I can still remember that excited feeling when you would lift up the door mat,and there it would be in all it's glory a baggy with canary yellow signed delivery notices. Even if it was the last one with a smudged signature from months of getting wet, you knew it would work. Then like a thief in the night you would leave a fresh stack for them to sign on top of the box you were delivering and be gone. For as far as we've come I can't say I don't miss some of that old stuff we used to have to go through. But I guess that means that I'm just getting older too
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    Our old notices were brown and white before the yellow ones came out in 1985-6.DR started in 1983 in the south....You could also use release #'s or illegally door nob pkgs..
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    What if you were at the house of a smoking hot babe. You lift up the mat and find a key with a note that says, "Let yourself in Big Boy, I'm upstairs in the tub having a bubble bath. Come on up and join me." Would you be paid over or run scratch for the day?:wink2:
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    Best advice is don't touch,leave the area and notify your wife. LOL .Don't risk your family and job(unless you have lunch hour left)...If your single get her number...that tub will feel just as good after work with a couple of drinks..
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    High values are a totally different animal. And I am not talking about those that have a sig required sticker or 42 in the barcode. I am only talking about the run of the mill packages.

    HAving to pay for one shows that the driver did something he should not have done, like using a del notice on a signature required package.

    Not only did they train me to be able to do so, but there is a release form that the business can sign, that they keep in the office that clears the way for the driver to leave the packages without even a delivery notice.

  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Signed delivery notices are only for residential stops. Commercial stops require a signature. Pretty straight forward stuff. Sales lead, you are more than welcome to wait 20 minutes for a receiver to show up, but I wouldn't be waiting there with you. I can get off 2 adjacent bulk stops (WalMart/Sams Club) within that 20 minutes so anything over 5 minutes results in a delivery notice showing delivery attempted with the next attempt the following day.

    We had a driver who delivers the mall sign for a delivery to Foot Locker. This resulted in a corporate complaint for which he received a 3 day vacation.

    Most veteran drivers will tell you that you have to know your customers as to what shortcuts you can and cannot do. Do I sign for some commercial customers? Absolutely, but this is the result of a relationship built up over the past 5 years and is only done with small businesses/offices and I sign my name. Some of these customers have given me the key to use if they are at lunch. Would I sign for a 90 piece bulk stop? Absolutely not. Would I leave a 285 piece bulk stop based upon a signed delivery notice? No way. Common sense has to prevail.

    The gunner will probably get his job back and will hopefully have learned a lesson, although I find it hard to believe that at no time during his delivery of 90 boxes there was no one around or that no one heard him making the delivery or that he didn't attempt to make contact with anyone before making the delivery. Most bulk stops that I have delivered are either controlled entry (buzzer, door bell, phone) or you have to knock on the overhead door and someone opens it for you.
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    When you have a multiple piece bulk drop, you take one package with you, announce you are there, make sure you have someone to sign for it, then start dumping the rest. Not the other way around.
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    Uh, Upstate

    In a dock, after you go through the security gate. You ring the bell, and start unloading the first of the 285 pieces. You ring the bell again and again, but you know they are on the 10th floor, and they have seen you. and they know that since they are all covered up and sterile, that you will not wait on them, but instead leave the packages for them to process once they get done. Done it too many times for certain customers. In this case it was Pet.

    A agree, you do have to know your customers. And the business they are in. I had several keys and almost 100 codes to let me into restricted areas. Some I used every day, others only once in a while.

    But there is no way you can haul around that many packages as a send again.

    As for
    , I guess where you are at, that might be the case. Here, if the customer requests you leave them on a signed delivery notice, that is what you do, within the regular constraints for special deliveries like high values.

    Big difference to what I was explaining above. Private dock, inside a guarded gate......

    I do know several drivers who for whatever reason would not wait a minute or two for the consignee to finish with a customer and then sign the board. While we are always in a hurry, we should never be in that big a rush.

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    Who says info notices are only for residential. Im have multiple commercial stops that the people work odd hours or at night . After trying to chase the people down forever we found a system that works for both us . I gave them a stack of info notices . Now When i del i bag it and grab a info notice. The customer gets their stuff and its not on my truck the next day.
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    The best line of the day! LOL! Thanks for the laugh!