Fired for something that happened a month ago?


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Remind your steward that a grievance needs an article from which you were disciplined for. Without a letter, no grievance. In most cases, discipline must be addressed within 10 days of the company's knowledge. Seeing it was an attendance issue, I believe the clock ran out prior to the company approaching you. I would try again with your steward, BA and finally a lawyer. Your local should have one that has experience with UPS issues.
^ this. Show up at the union office hall if you have to.


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The BA should have your back on this one. They did not use proper protocol and you should get your job back.

Sounds like you have a bad attitude towards authority but most of us do/did but this should not get you fired. I agree with @Up In Smoke . Either the union helps you or you get a labor lawyer. ( and tell the union this if they refuse to help )


Not getting the full story here. Either it’s a troll or not providing all the information.
This is the full story. This is what happened the week I was terminated. Prior to this week I was filing a grievance on a supervisor and got into an altercation with another employee where they put their hands on me. SO with all this, work was looking for something. Im not sure why the only ammo they got is FROM A MONTH AGO.