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    Who gets fired for performance 20 days after getting a 2.5% raise. My beliefs have been confirmed. Management getting fired for missing 2 packages doing a general walk off instantly? No repercussions for the sup that was responsible for missing them? Instead an opportunity to dismiss someone for other personal reasons. Management is not perfect. There have been numerous times loads have been missed and nothing has happened to these people. Favoritism? Discrimination? Fired instantly? So is this an example? You say we are "partners"? I think not.
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    Was the fired manager in his/her early 50's with only a year or two left until retirement? My guess is yes. The company can save $100K or more over the subsequent decade if they fire you just before you reach age 55 and become eligible for the retiree medical benefits. In the last 3 years we have had 3 such managers in my area who have gotten whacked on trumped-up charges within months of reaching eligibility. Its brutal. "Partners"? Sorry, you never were one in the first place, thats just an empty phrase they throw around when they need you to accept a pay freeze while working 60-80 hours a week.
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    again if you are in a higher grade you are protected. no partnership at all...ur labeled as a person who don't"care".. really? working 11 hours a day? and you don't "care"... easy way way to get rid of happens at 16 years, 20 years, 25 years...
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    partnership.. :D
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    the point of a walk-off is to find those packages the area-supe may have missed, not to miss them a 2nd time

    i've seen too many missed packages too often and taken too many angry customers calls to really feel pity

    you know how it makes us sound to a major shipper when i have to tell them we left a 500$ (in shipping charges) package that was needed for a major project (two hours ago) lying on a belt in the open because some preload supe was too :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ing stupid to open his eyes?
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    If we are going to hold a lowly preload sup to such a high level of accountability over a single missed package....then what about the idiot Operations Managers at the District and Region level whose absurd Stops Per Car mandates result in hundreds of missed stops per day?

    High standards are a good thing. Double standards are bullsh%t.
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    cannon fodder.
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    OP has a previous post about missing a bag of airs with 49 pieces in it. Still, UPS is all too quick to get rid of any of us.
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    Was OP on a 30,60,90?
  10. gator 69

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    no 30,60,90
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    Unless you are a traveling photographer ... then it's Canon Fodor.
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    That's right, it's zero tolerance. Like when we took action against:

    - The ones that had that bright OPL idea
    - The ones that got UPS fined millions for collusion in Europe
    - The ones that executed our stock buyback at the highese market rates possible and overspent by billions
    - The sales people that ddidn't hold shippers to their contracts (and still don't)
    - The sales people that taught shippers how to get free upgrades on their second day air
    - The people that promised the world with PAS but under delivered
    - The people that sent out reports with calculation errors
    - The people that called conference calls and then made everyone wait 10 minutes at the beginning because they couldn't figure out how to show their Powerpoint slides

    What's that? We promote those guys or give them big raises? I guess the rule of thumb is that the bigger the "mistake" the less chance there is of getting fired.

    Say what, those people got promoted? Oh, my mistake. I'm looking at this thing all wrong.
  13. soberups

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    "You now have 90 days to generate an impossible metric. If you fail to generate the metric, you will be fired. If you cheat and get caught, you will be fired. The metric has no correlation to reality. It is not negotiable."

    "You now have 60 days to generate an impossible metric. If you fail to generate the metric, you will be fired. If you cheat and get caught, you will be fired. The metric has no correlation to reality. It is not negotiable."

    "You now have 30 days......."
  14. pretzel_man

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    I have done countless yard check and area checks over my career.

    Admittedly, its been over 20 years since the last one, but it was ALWAYS a serious offence to miss a package during a check.

    I'm sorry you were fired, but being fired over this is nothing new. At least it shouldn't be.

    To me what is new is that people are pointing blame elswhere. Missing a package during a check is a very serious offense. Turning this into a rant against UPS is ridiculous as far as I'm concerned. Especially in a UPS management thread.

    Its time to man up. (or woman up).
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    So should that level of accountability apply to all UPS management? Or does it only apply to the part-time and low-level peons who dont have the connections to cover up their mistakes? If you guys want to whack one of your own for missing one single package I guess thats your call to make, but in my 25 years I have personally witnessed and dealt with the consequences of upper level managements incompetence that have cost us hundreds or even thousands of service failures as well as unfathomable amounts of wasted time and effort....with nobody held accountable. I guess the rules "change" once you reach a certain level.
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    Interesting how nobody replied to you.

    Hopefully, I can help you feel better.

    At least the 30, 60, 90 was something seems like it's been years. :zombismiley:
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    Incorrect. I went back and looked and I got a total of 12 "likes" for the first 2 posts. 3 of the "likes" were even from management people. And thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed my perception of the 30,60,90 plan. Anything to make your day a little brighter!:happy2:
  18. pretzel_man

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    Of course it should apply to all.

    And yes, the rules do change at different levels and jobs.

    As one's level raise, the area of responsibility also grows. A terminatable offense at one level is a talking to at another. That is just the way of the world.

    I know that I personally was responsible for a $150K mistake once. (At least the mistake was made by someone in my group and I should have caught it).

    I didn't get fired or even demoted. Based on my area of responsiblilty it was outweighed by other things I did.....

    My response had to do with how so many in this thread (including you) took the opportunity to bash UPS without a full set of facts.

    I don't know all the circumstances around this event. Either do you or others on this board. I have learned to take everything with a large grain of salt.

    As one's level in this organization rises the % of pay tied to business results (not arbitrary metrics) increases. While it may be fun to think of senior managers as the keystone cops who only chase internal metrics, that's just not true......

    I've seen senior managers demoted to fired over the years. And for things more out of their control than missing packages on an area check.
  19. SignificantOwner

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    Threw down the cliche there. Very corporate of you.
  20. Monkey Butt

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    When I read it, the vision of Nancy Pelosi came to mind.

    And I have never heard this line in Corporate ... it's just not politically correct.