Fireman vs. UPS driver, who has the better job?

Discussion in 'Lighten UPS' started by diadlover, Sep 1, 2006.

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    Every little boy at some point in his life dreams of one day becoming a fireman. It's definitely a well respected career choice. However, I've always wondered why firemen are idolized in society while UPS drivers get overlooked. We help people too. So I've decided to compare the two and see if being a fireman is really that much better then being a ups driver.​

    [​IMG] VS. [​IMG]

    FIREMAN a.k.a The Fire Whisperer
    UPS DRIVER a.k.a. The Professional Doorbell Ditcher​


    FIREMAN: axes, ladders, big hoses
    UPS DRIVER: diad board, info notices, big packages​

    WINNER: UPS DRIVER-What woman doesn't like a big package?


    FIREMAN: Big red truck with loud sirens
    UPS DRIVER: Big brown truck with no A/C​

    WINNER: FIREMAN-The ability to legally run red lights is priceless​


    FIREMAN: Fire resistant duds
    UPS DRIVER: Browns​

    WINNER: UPS DRIVER-We're complaining that it's hot now? Just be happy that you don't have to throw on a uniform that weighs as much as an irreg.


    FIREMAN: Police officers
    UPS DRIVER: Fedex driver

    WINNER: UPS DRIVER-Policemen carry guns. 'Nuff said.


    FIREMAN: Fire and smoke inhalation
    UPS DRIVER: Getting bit by a Rottweiler

    WINNER: UPS DRIVER-They both suck, but I think being burned alive would hurt just a wee bit more


    FIREMAN: Rescue people
    UPS DRIVER: Deliver medicine to Grandpa

    WINNER: UPS DRIVER-Sure, firemen rescue people from burning buildings but it's on a rare occasion. UPS drivers deliver medicines all the time. I'll go as far as to say that UPS drivers have saved the same amount of lives. It's time for someone to recognize this!!



    WINNER: FIREMAN-Sure, chicks dig the UPS man but let's not kid ourselves here.........Firemen are on a totally different level. Sorry boys, but were not even close here.


    FIREMAN: Really cool fire department license plates
    UPS DRIVER: Lots of free UPS pens

    WINNER: FIREMAN-Those nifty fireman license plates look fantastic on a lifted truck. Anyone need a pen? I have thirty of them in my car.


    FIREMAN: 3

    Well, there you have it. Now that the real truth has been exposed we will be the ones idolized by young boys and their mothers. We will be the ones in the story books that are read to the youngsters. Move over firemen, the times are changing!

    Now don't be stupid and think that I'm insulting firemen. I love those guys. They are true American hero's.
  2. disneyworld

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    And some day when I'm draggin ass somewhere and some poor little boy with a Coke hands it to me. I'll get to say "Hey kid,catch". And he'll be the proud owner of an authentic UPS jersey. Have a Coke and a smile.
  3. 30andout

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    :lol: You said it, firemen have the big hoses.
  4. over9five

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    OK, now that we won that, how can we get it out to the American [-]women[/-], errr...people.
  5. anon

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    My brother-in-law just retired from a local F/D with 25 years and is getting $3500 a month retirement(and he's only 45).

  6. aspenleaf

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    :wink: I am sure the chicks of America already know! After all we chicks love when we have false fire alarms and the Firemen have to show up and we love when our UPS guy shows up with our package!

    I called up my chick friends from my old office job and asked what they thought of Fireman vs UPS driver. Their results: Tied!

    One chick is a Fireman’s wife so I had to toss her biased vote out! Otherwise the Fireman would win with a 6 to 5 vote. One chick said she likes the shorts the UPS guys wear since she is a leg gal. Another gal agreed with me that only Fireman can break down your door and toss you over their shoulder. It would not be cool if your UPS driver did that unless of course your place was on fire and he was the first one on the scene. . .

    I asked my friend who is married to the Fireman to ask her husband to ask his firehouse what they think of UPS drivers. The results from the Firemen were they like UPS Female drivers better than Female Firefighters. :thumbup1:
  7. moreluck

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    Sorry, UPS guys. I don't know about your part of the country, but in Southern Orange County California I think there's a "handsome" test to become a firefighter here. So, at least superficially, the fireman win in my book.

    However, I married a UPS guy because superficial doesn't cut it in a long term marriage. Bonus.......I got a handsome one too.

    What a fun poll. Both the UPS'ers and the Fireman are so vital in our lives. :)
  8. 1980

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    Diadlover, lol that was great but u must not be a 9/5 issue because u have way too much time on your hands.:laugh:
  9. Phantom Lord

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    I actually have a buddy who quit UPS to become a firefighter; he says otherwise, but we all know he did it for the babes.

    With that being said, I have never been the object of flirting outside of my browns, but when I'm in uniform they never seem to stop. "Hey handsome," cat-calls, and "You got a package for me?" are all things I seem to hear on a semi-regular basis, especially when I'm delivering downtown. :blushing:

    The bottom line is: brown is sexy, and girls love a man in uniform, firefighter or not.
  10. helenofcalifornia

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    Let us not forget about hours worked in a month. Fireman-10 days of 24 hour shifts (10 days out of 30!!) UPS driver - 20 days of 10 hour (more or less) shifts. Firefighters win hands down.
  11. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Let's also not forget:

    Firemen spend 80% of the day sitting at the station doing nothing!

    UPS drivers don't ever do nothing!

    (Firemen win that too)
  12. xkingx

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    :lol: thanks diad, im fowarding that one to my brother, who is a fireman...

    Guess this is odd, me being a woman, I dont get that weird fixation of men in uniforms..Could it be because Ive been in the ugly uniform myself for 15 years..Maybe the kill came from seeing the guys in my building...:crying:
  13. toonertoo

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    We need a real UPS calendar.
    You know the one with some of you guys in brown, whipping off your shirt and showing the sweat running down you chest (on one of those days where its 100 degrees), with a cold beer in hand while wiping your brow. Oh Yeah. .......
    There are a few I work with that would look really good in one of those poses (iam with holding my name to protect myself, as most are young enough to be my son)

    Great post diadlover.

    We have the better job, not nearly as dangerous, and they are pretty tough guys.
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  14. DS

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    Hey DL ,in order for you to produce such a complex thread with all the font style,text size,and text color changes ,I`ve come to the conclusion that you must be a fireman.After all, they spend 80% of thier time in the station house,and would have all the time in the world to create it on thier laptop.If this thread was written by a ups driver,you would have been up really really late creating it. Its time
    for you to come clean and admit that you are really fireman that wants to be a ups driver.
  15. aspenleaf

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    double_standard ~ Maybe he did this post while on vacation. . .

    toonertoo ~ I love the idea of a "real" UPS calendar!

    diadlover ~ this is a great post!
  16. KRAM

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    I see this as a win for the UPS driver. While the firemen are stuck at the station looking at each other, I'm delivering the local mall (which is dominated by women) and playing with all the gals. What a fun job I have!

    UPS driver wins :thumbup1:
  17. catra

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    I vote for the Firemen. Unless they get called away they work fewer hours than the UPS driver.
  18. helenofcalifornia

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    Another thing to consider. I used to work with alot of firefighters and there are several common things about most firefighters. They all have mustaches, all have boats of some kind, all have second jobs because they only work 10 days out of the month, and most of all, they all seem to get divorced at least once. There is truth to the old adage about a man in a uniform.
  19. tied !!!!
    although vehicles,uniforms aside UPSERS rock
    chicks dig us bigtime
  20. MR_Vengeance

    MR_Vengeance United Parcel Survivor

    does firefights have a better management team?:laugh: