First quarter results

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    First quarter results

    FedEx - News Release
    Stock is jumping, lets see how much our fearless leaders cash in today then tell us they have to cut more pay and benefits from us.
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    FedEx Express Segment
    For the first quarter, the FedEx Express segment reported:

    • Revenue of $6.61 billion, down slightly from last year's $6.63 billion
    • Operating income of $236 million, up 14% from $207 million a year ago
    • Operating margin of 3.6%, up from 3.1% the previous year
    Revenue decreased due to lower fuel surcharge revenue and one fewer operating day. U.S. domestic average daily package volume increased 1% while U.S. domestic revenue per package was essentially flat, as higher rate per pound and weight per package were offset by lower fuel surcharges.

    So ... help me out with this one. The LOWER FUEL SURCHARGE and one less operating day is the reason for the revenue decrease? *facepalm*
    Gimme my RAISE! At least a "cost of living" ... no LESS than 6%. (sorry, pulled out my Purple Blood I.V.)
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    Sad part is they said the plan was to have express bringing in 1.6 billion in profit from express by 2016. How are they going to do this? Cutting expenses they say. I feel for u all.
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    We are so far behind on the cost of living, it going to take a 20% raise to get caught up.
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    I thought it was all divisions contributing.
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    Certainly not upper management.
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    LOL, that's a given anywhere.

    Also to note, it sort of comes out that Express is shrinking, but... its up 4%. Guess it isn't a steep cliff.

    Total Average Daily Packages 3,825 3,661 4%
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    The yield between Ground and Smart Post is scary.

    Average DailyPackage Volume (000s)
    FedEx Ground 4,313 3,898 11%
    FedEx SmartPost 2,092 1,664 26%

    Yield (Revenue Per Package)
    FedEx Ground $ 9.05 $ 8.94 1%
    FedEx SmartPost $ 1.67 $ 1.75 (5%)

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    MAKAVELI Well-Known Member

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    Yeah that's a lie.
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    Seen it on TV today - Fedex is also raising Shipping rates by 4%. I believe as soon as October.
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    Very true. We need to tax incentives to the poor areas of SW Virginia and Tennessee. They are creating the jobs by the thousands.

    Again I love my job most days and have delivered in the areas 2 decades I did see McDonalds is hiring in Chilhowie, VA.
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    How do you feel about your beloved Fred picking your pocket for most of the last 21 years? How much wound-up in his pocket instead of yours? As hypohanna said, they are about 20% behind in keeping up with the cost of living. Your fearless leader is a common criminal.
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    My "beloved" Fred has paid me once a week for the last 21+ years without fail. Even the week after 9-11-01 when the planes were NOT flying and there wasn't much "WORK" to do. MEM paid us because it was the right thing to do. We cleaned up the warehouse, restocked supplies...but we got PAID.
    Again I am not happy with what was done to the Traditional pension, I don't know anyone who is. :fishbashsmile: I wish jumpseating was back for personal travel. (from the pilots I have talked to that has more to do with the FAA administrator than FedEx) I keep my jumpseat certification current every six months ....just in case of emergency travel.

    From my understanding (very limited in UPS matters) the new hire employees don't make near what the old timer's made under the contracts, I don't know. If that is fact it would be much like other big business, cutting expenses to manage the bottom line. If that is the case sounds like they can get drivers cheaper and the Unions still make the same dues...don't know, don't care, too much time invested HERE.

    Union this...Union that... look at the USPS and the losses they have sustained. How many different unions are there at the post office? HOW MUCH MONEY HAVE THEY LOST IN THE LAST SEVERAL YEARS.....glad that wasn't FedEx or I KNOW I would be out of a job....long time ago.

    2008-2009 was the opportunity to do something, but Barry was too busy shoving Obama care to give a Hoffa's rear end about our unique situation. That was then...this is now and that opportunity was like the maiden voyage of the Titanic....gone forever, get over it.

    Now the FedEx pilots are the "new model" to follow. Enough said on that. I haven't heard a peep out of them since they did their deal, must have been a good one and they are still flying, and we are driving and delivering packages.

    I love my job most days, especially today. I was home by 19:45 :happy-very:

    This is the United States of America after all, we have free choice. We can choose to work for FedEx or we can choose to leave. I "hope" you enjoy the "changing" job outlooks. There are ZERO decent jobs in this part of the country. I am more than comfortable, every day is a different day in the truck.

    I have too much time "invested" in OUR company to walk away. I still recall being a private in the USMC for $551.00 a month, and they OWN you 24/7 go figure that on an hourly scale. Hind sight is 20/20, should have stayed in but the family didn't want to travel.

    I still have my checks making $3.35 an hour, 1980's.

    yes Mr FedEx I love my job most days and hope to stick around 13+ more years enjoying the mountains and SERVING our customers.

    Attitude is EVERYTHING.

    I can assure you the sun will come up tomorrow, and we will BOTH be working for Uncle Fred. :wink2:

    Like it or not....that sir, is REALITY.
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    So much misinformation in this post I wouldn't even know where to start. But then again you are from Tennessee. Lol
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    Please "enlighten" me with your words of wisdom....

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    I don't know where you get your information about UPS but I'm guessing your managers. It sounds like you actually believe the garbage Memphis spews out, word for word. UPS package car drivers make $32+ an hour and top out in 3 years, pay no premium for health ins and have a very respectable pension. I believe the new contract they will make $36+ an hour, top out in 4 years and still pay no premium for health ins. I would gladly pay the 2x hourly rate a month in dues for that. It's not just about having a positive attitude. It's about being paid a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. Especially when our executives are raking in $millions in bonuses and stock options every year off our backs.
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    It's your reality Gomer, not mine. Your head is so far up that place where the sun doesn't shine that I don't even know where to start with you. Suffice it to say that "God, Guns, Fred, and FOX" don't do it for me. You could be the poster boy for FOX with all of the talking points you just listed. Fred wishes he had 50,000 "Snipers" who would just follow orders like a good boy, never cause trouble, and never complain when he screwed you blind because you were too passive and dumb to fight back. You are a tailor-made FedEx employee....a sheep that will willingly go to slaughter, buy the gun and bullet, and beg to have them pull the trigger. If Fred could pay you the $551 per month you used to make in the USMC now...he would. In fact, if he could pay you $451, he'd do that instead. That's the kind of "leader" you have. Do you admire Smith because he was a Groundpounder, or because of his business skills? He's a dirty that the kind of ethics they teach you in The Corps? If Fred was my CO, he'd have been fragged for sheer incompetence years ago. You deserve 13 more years for being so gullible.

    Wake up, son. You might be happy as a pig in shat there in Mayberry DFA, but the rest of us would like to see some things
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