First week in the books!

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by mjtrackman, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. mjtrackman

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    That's a very good reason to work a Saturday lol. Does we have home delivery routes now?
  2. fedupped

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    DRA confuses me. My obsolete brain has the entire rt routed in the morning. I have p1s seperated from p2 and then p2 in order for the pm on different shelves according to the area. As I hit my p1 I walk to the corresponding p2 area and take the tag alongs. Simple. Now I fiddle with the power pad looking for the stop I'm already at. If I'm in a building with different suites, I have to pull up the individual stops to make sure I'm at the right comp/suite. A lot of searching. Faster to just hit add a stop or whatever it is. Its wonderful. You newbies will be hitting 20 SPH on every route.
  3. STFXG

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    I did the same thing last Saturday. Wife was at work and my kid was with grandpa at the farm. Decided to give my driver a paid day off. I enjoy HD on Saturdays. Really calm and not much BS to put up with at the terminal since they run a skeleton crew.
  4. mjtrackman

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    Yeah that would suck. I came in and all of my freight was set aside, all I had to do was van scan, toss it on the truck and go!
  5. Code 82 Approved

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    I don't believe big "J" has gone there.
  6. Code 82 Approved

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    A/J gets to run my Brook this week, lol. I'm at 125 again. I told J it's a bear. He told me I'm not the only superstar in the terminal. I just kept quiet. OK J!
  7. Pocoyo2xx9

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    Hey my,
    how you doing? Are you still with Fedex?
  8. dezguy

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    Holy necropost, batman!
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  9. Route 66

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    IT’S ALIVE!.....IT’S ALIVE!! :ohmy:
  10. MrFedEx

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    How long before you figure out it's a scam? Let me know.
  11. outtatime

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    Probably the same amount of time it takes you to realize you're responding to a 6 year old thread.
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  12. MrFedEx

    MrFedEx Engorged Member

    Oops. Didn't realize it was a necropost. I never look at dates. He's probably long gone.