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  1. So I'm trying to get some Fmla time off. My spouse is getting operated on and I have to tend to my children until she gets back on her feet. I put the paper work in and now SM is saying I must use my vacation days for this. Is this correct? He also went on to say that this is new policy. The other weird part is I need the time before the start of the new year. So i would have to use my days from next year. Something just aint adding up. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Check with your current state laws.. Their are certain states that have laws against this. It will be on your state site under FMLA laws. The federal law allows this, in some states it does not.
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    Normal that is the case, you use up any sick/vacation time banked. Here at UPS we can opt to leave one weeks vacation but everything else gets used up.
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    I thought policy doesn't take effect until June 1. So any time before that should be without forced vacation time. Any time after that, new policy should rule.
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    That won't fly in the Peoples Republic of California...I may work for a people company, but the labor laws of California keep them in check!
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    I was told the same thing here, can leave one week vacation unused.
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    you currently have the option until June 1st, although when you are taking FMLA for a family member and not for yourself, I believe the rules may be different. After June 1 you have to use all but one week of vacation time.
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    Remember, we have PSP, and Splash-Splash (not until January).
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    free OLCC's for anyone that wants one!
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    Fred would say you need to take more "personal responsibility", and eat your vacation. After all, you're costing him money, and your wife, you, and your kids mean nothing to him. It's all about the money, and that's why I'd still like to see Fred and his pals burn in Hell.
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    I can feel your anger:

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    It's all about the money. From managers and up. They could care less about the front line employees. Money and Greed = Fedex
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    FedEx does not have the monopoly on money and greed.
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    Correct but the company should really stop referring to themselves as a people company. Those days are long gone and for FedEx to even act like they care about their employees beyond what is required of them through workplace safety (which is a joke in of itself), is laughable.
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  15. MrFedEx

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    Bingo. They still make hay off the PSP garbage. FedEx SUCKS!
  16. Cactus

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    And how long did you work there?
  17. Dex01

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    At the risk of sounding redundant:

  18. Goldilocks

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    My question is, why do they continue harassing the Couriers when there are other sitting around playing on the computer and milking it for years now. Like SAL's some CSA''s and administrative positions. They need to stop the harassment!