Football is in the air, share your youth football story.

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    With Football upon us, my thoughts always revere to my youth playing days and the following;

    As the youngest player in our flag football team 9 years old playing with a bunch of 11 and 12 year olds, which I can't figure out how my Mom allowed it. My job was to kick because, well, I have a strong leg. Our last game was for the championship and before the game our two team captains brought us together in a circle and began to rally us and one of them said, hey kicker get over here. I got to the middle of the group and they began to scream and yell and ask me if I was ready to win this game. My response was like what do you want from me I"m the kicker, what possible could I do for the team. I was scared stiff.

    As a Freshman is High School practicing with Seniors, our coach told the team not to tackle the QB, do not hit him! We ran a play with me playing running back and protecting the QB and of the senior linebackers picked me up and threw me into the QB.

    These experiences made into lean mean machine as a senior, I took out my anger on everyone on the filed.
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    Can't. Don't have a young football.
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    Well, you used to but it's old now...