Forced Overtime

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    Maybe it's the "not knowing".

    In Package, you can generally look in the back of your PC and say "I'll punch out about 8".

    In Feeders you never know when you'll be done. They own you right till 14 hours. You can inbound after your last leg with 11 hours in, your job done, expecting to go home.... and they can send you back out.
    It's even worse now. With the new IVIS system, the cowards don't even have to face you when they force you out again. They have a machine tell you. Now when you're on your way in on your last leg, hoping to go home, you hear those three evil alerts and you know you just got more work. You don't even know where you'll be going (is it a close one, or several more hours?) I would rather hear it from a human that I'm being screwed again, but like I said, they don't have to even talk to us when they force us back out.

    I think I'd be cool with working the OT if I knew when I'd be done. "Over, you'll be working 2.3 hours OT tonight, then you can go home". OK, thanks boss!
    Hell, we even have sign-up lists (that are always full) of people who want overtime. I can't understand why they have to force people. Use the idiots (oops!) that want it!

    Rant over.

    This rant has been brought to you by Over9five. Thank you for reading.
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    The good thing about the new system,is we really don't have to talk to them anymore,but I see your point !! Beep Beep ohhh Lynma,watma or Yarma !!! LOL your going to Yarma
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    Damn, I wished I worked in your building. I've got to fight to get my 13.

    Peak earning years, man. You only get one shot at that.

    Hell, if you're that worried about it, run yourself out of hours. Let them push you to, and over 14 hours. You know you can only do that once a week. Cry wolf. "I think I might go over."

    Or put more money towards retirement.
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    It's going to come to drivers calling the DOT about being forced to work fatigued. If when the msg comes across and you reply anything about wanting to go then your next step is having to speak to a manager about how badly your needed. Or someone pushed into OT will have a big enough crash that the company will have to answer for.
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    Oh boo hoo cry me a river:sad-very:. Go back to package cry baby then you'll cry about having to work too hard. By the way I worked 8.25 today in package.:onitswaysmiley:

    Just screwing with ovah!:tongue_sm
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    Not on-topic per se`, but that was one of the shortest, most concise, easy-to-read rants I've come across on an online message board.

    I wouldn't even call it a rant. I normally associate rants with people that dont use punctuation forget how capitalization works and overuse exclamation points to the point that i forget what they mean but then sometimes and this doesnt happen always but sometimes they surprise me with, a comma even if they use it incorrectly its still nice to imagine some kind of pause in whatever your reading because walls of text are just ridiculous and intimidating and i dont think i could deal with that right now but im sure you guys couldnt either because were all pretty much the same right? right were all people so you guys should know what im talking about right? right.

    ^^that's a rant to me: bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: about nothing with no regard for syntax, grammar, punctuation or :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:in' anything. Terrible compared to the OP.

    Forced overtime is s***ty but at least UPSers get overtime pay when they go over. I know plenty of people that pass 40hours a week consistently but don't get time-and-a-half pay, and that would really piss me off. Kind of a way to look at the glass half-full, I guess?
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    I deleted the part about the 11 hours in but I probably should have kept it. I am sure it has dawned on you that ,generally, those who don't want the overtime are the ones who try to get that last job done as soon as possible. Those that do want the overtime will stretch that last job out so that they punch out with 1 minute before they hit their 14 hour clock.

    So who do you think dispatch is going that extra job to, hmmm?
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    I worked from 8:30 am to 830m today,ran 150 stops that involved getting my fat arse in and out of the truck,walking up steep drives with heavy pkgs all day KNOWING that come tomorrow morning I'll be asked "what happened yesterday???"
    No offense but hearing a feeder driver whinge about SITTING on his arse for 12 or 13 hours aint gonna get much sympathy from those of us in package
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    ​Sorry, Ovah, but 728 makes a good point.
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    look at the bright side; you're forced to work up to the DOT limit... over at purple/green, some drivers falsify and goes over those limits daily
  12. User Name

    User Name Only 230 Today?? lol

    i didn't even make 8 today. was able to see the boy swim and have dinner with the family. all in all a good day.
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    I was home myself by around 5:15, I didn't know what to do with myself. How sad is that, when as drivers, we are thrilled to be off in roughly 8 1/2 hours.
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    It is easy to dish the crap to feeders, until you work a couple of jobs.

    I work in a smaller out state center and am qualified to cover feeders, so I regularly work a variety of routes and have covered 3 of my center's feeder jobs.

    I will grant that it is not difficult physically to drive from the center to the hub. The in-between stuff can be pretty brutal.

    1 job starts with putting an empty on our building, then build a set, pull the set to a shipper, uncouple the back trailer and dolly, put the empty on a door, grab a load, rebuild the set. Now go to another shipper, if there is room in the front box, unhook everything, back on the door and add a couple more pallets, rebuild the set. Now go to the last shipper. They have a load and 2 skids. Break down, put the front box on a door, hand load the 2 skids, pull that off, unhook, grab the empty, put that on a door, grab the load, rebuild the set.

    I do not have the skills to hook a dolly to the front box and back any distance to couple the back box, so there can be extra work positioning the dolly to build the set.

    Getting that all done in the allotted time is physically and mentally demanding. I typically lose weight on feeder weeks.
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    Feeder drivers face just as much mental pressure as those of us in package. They may not be humping boxes anymore, but they have to deal with the same mental B.S. that the rest of us deal with.
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    While I can also look at my truck and board and know around what time I'll be done with my work... I never know when I'll be asked to go do 10 20 30 stops of someone else's work. Yesterday the Oms directed me to go meet a driver and take his air then modified it to take all his pickup pieces. I confirmed with the guy that he would be in by the ground cutoff then we both messaged back in that there was no way we were spending half an hour unloading and reloading a 1200 full of the heaviest pickup route in the building on top of my 260 pickup pieces. Never know when our day is going to end even when we think we do.
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    But you have air conditioning.
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    730 to 930 last 2 days. 14 hour days. Leaving house at 730 and home at 930. Nothing but a snack baby. Keep bringing daddy the ot lol. Not really but if their going to continue with their idiot dispatches im kicking em in the planters(nutts) no mercy by me. Pay me in greenbacks biatches lol.
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    For those that are sick of ot.
    Next bid take a combo job .
    8hrs & out . No ot allowed .
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    Yup feeders is cake, we just sit back all night and crank out the tunes and smokem if you got em Johnney !! not a stressed joint in our body !!