Forced to Marshal on RAMP

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Marshal, Jul 25, 2011.

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    I was told by our ramps full timer last July that the lowest two seniority crew members were forced to Marshal. If we refused, it would result in termination on the spot. I asked our Union Stewart and he agreed with the Full time on our wing. But, to everyone else I've talked to even the six hours, he's not for the people, but for the company. Others have said they went to other Stewarts on property to actually get justice done. Before I take the time to find one, is this right? Can they force us to Marshal? I'm considering to refuse the next signature when the approach me in the next couple weeks for re-certification. Thanks! I just need less stress off my mind and to focus on school, I dislike working extra if I don't get paid anything for it, nor beneifts.
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    You have to work as directed if you are the lowest seniority then you have to do what they say as long as it is safe, and does not break the law. Sorry
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    What exactly is a Marshal?
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    That's the guy on the golf course who tells you to "pick it up, fellows, you're holding people up!"
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    maybe if you suck at it they wont ask again?but i would advise you to make your own decision based on the situation at hand.just sayin
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    Does'nt look hard at all. Ever tried unloading trailers?
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    Pick up package, put on rollers.

    Repeat for 4 hours.

    Sounds really tough.
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    I'm talking about the op. Does'nt want to marshall. In that video, I would rather move my hands up and down with lights. Then with packages that can weigh up to 70lbs.
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    Marshalling while it looks easy its really not until you get the experience. You have to be able to turn the plane on the dot, all while watching your wong walkers and making sure the wings dont hit anything. The plane must be perfectly straight because they are lined up nest to each other with only a few feet to spare between wing tips. If you make a mistake the plane doe not have a reverse on it, so the mechanice must hook the tow tug up to it and puch it back out to straighten it, slowing down the process of unloading/loading the plane. Not to mention that they are the last ones to leave the sort after the planes depart.
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    The gay guy makes me bust out laughing!!
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    Ever load a Belly 34 with two cans, and first with the weight at 9,500 full of beads going to Mexico weighing between 60-80lbs each? One person on the ground and myself and another inside the plane. The packages were so cheaply made, we had to carry them back and forth without assistance of rollers.

    To answer your question, yes I have unloaded a trailer before. I unloaded two last Christmas, our new full time asked us if we wanted to come in early and make some extra money by helping out the Hub, since they were in desperate need for help. To be honest, I love rollers ;). 70lbs doesn't seem much, since I keep myself in shape. I'm able to curl one handed 100lbs, non-steriod user also. Milk and proteins shakes do the trick.
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    Also, Marshalling isn't easy as it seems. I had to deal with teaching a group of guys tonight the basic steps of every process. Some were paranoid, directing in and out aircraft. Stopping at the right time. Dealing with lears ect. If anyone crews up, it's going to be bad... You might drop a box off a roller, but when sh** hits the fan on Aircraft... Well, there goes your job. Just like the 35 second of Cach's video clip.