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    I work at a ramp location as a handler. Our workgroup has a major problem child that creates and causes tension amongst the workgroup. This employee has been with company for about six and halh years. This employee had been terminated previously but was re-instated after presenting fraudently created phone recorda showing that they had called in the morning in question.

    The employee in question has HR on speed dial and has gotten to the point that the HR person assigned to us basically refuses the persons calls. The person filed a complaint on the entire management staff and our team lead as they are always mean th them back in December. Then went over our Senior managers head and contacted the district manager to complain.

    The issue now has been over the last fiscal year has been on attendance. Our work assignments(jurisdiction/service area) is per week. When this employee is assigned to offload, they always have an issue on Friday and or Saturday (more Saturday than Friday). They always have a dental appointment or dental surgery on that Sturday. In March it was a 2 day surgery (this I know was falsehood as I gave up a personal day because I knew she had prepaid for an out of town event that she was attending with other friends of mine).

    The employee has easily exhausted there alotted vacation days, floating holidays, pesonal days, and sick days. Our workgroupand team lead are more than frustrated (we jokingly start taking bets when we see the person is assigned offload when they will call in and what the excuse will be...This past Saturday it was they had the dental surgery, a funeral, and 3 graduation receptions to attend, but then was at a friends house about 5pm for a monthly gathering)

    The issue is as a workgroup what is the best approach to dealing with we as an entire workgroup express the frustration with our workgroup manager(he and our former workgroup manager know very well about this) and senior manager (he knows about the problem child) or go to HR or both. We are at a loss and this has been ongoing for years. Thanks
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    Why is this your problem?
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    Only one way to handle a situation like this......

    Soap in a sock.....sock party
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  4. Operational needs

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    Unless it directly effects your pay or days off, mind your business. There will always be people like that and they’re a management problem, not yours. Nothing you can do. It will eventually catch up to them. It always does.
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    Your "story" aint :censored2:. I gots a real problem child story I can tell, but it anit worth the key strokes. do your job go home.
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    This isn't a you problem, it is a management problem. We have people at my sta who are like this. I go on about my day, regardless on whether they're being a dick or not.
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    Tank the entire management team on the next SFA. Down the right side on every question. That will get someone's attention.

    As for the other advice...

    Why has the guy been doing this for so long? Because too many people followed the advice of the other posters.
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    Oh you mean the SFA where any questions regarding management are no longer there?? That SFA?

    LOL that's great! Management at every level let's this guy get away with what he's been doing and your response is "huuurrrr da guy getz awey wit it becauz u followd de advis uf de oder posterz huuurrrr".

    Typical management. Don't actually manage, just deflect the blame.
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  10. Cactus

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  11. Operational needs

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    So what is your REAL advice since you don’t agree with us? Do you think it’s a handler problem? If so, why?
  12. Fred's Myth

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    chelsea handler problem
  13. dezguy

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    The answer is obvious; it's the couriers' faults. They should have put a stop to this early on. I believe making him/her run the gauntlet, up and down the belt a few times would have done the trick. This isn't FedEx! This. Is. Sparta!!!
  14. 59 Dano

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    Yes, that SFA. Management is responsible for the SFA scores of their respective workgroups. SFA scores reflect the workgroups' opinion of their managers. Good managers have good scores and poor managers have poor scores - just like it's always been.

    LOL, I'm the one saying do whatever you have to do to hold management's feet to the fire (the SFA will definitely get attention). But by all means, encourage him to be as gutless as you are.
  15. 59 Dano

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    Oh, it's a management problem. That doesn't mean sit on your hands and wait for them to do something about it. As for me, I press the issue until it's addressed. My options may be limited but that doesn't mean I'm going not going to take full and frequent advantage of them in an effort to get the issue resolved.
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    You aren't management, thanks for finally answering my question in a round about way.
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  18. dezguy

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    lol so management's hands need to be held by the people they are supposed to be supervising, in order for people like this to get a talking to.

    And I'm the gutless one. Wow!
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    Yes, the workgroup understands its a management issue and they are frustrated with the person and the games they play. We know it will hopefully catch up with this person.

    The last 3 times the person pulled this it has effectected me, the person through a fit in September about my having a floating holiday on the Saturday in question then having the following Saturday off as vacation. The person demanded that I give up the last vacation day(they felt they were entitled to it as per seniority even though the days had been scheduled since vacation bid) I didn't give in and they pulled the call in.In March the person pulled the samething, this time over my floating holiday ( this 1 I gave up as knowing they prepaid for a convention event that was out of town but the person lied to my face and said it was dental surgery again..) Then this last weekend had scheduled a personal day for Saturday and ended up having to give it up(most likely will have to go unused) as to knowing the persons history of Saturday call ins when scheduled to offoad (they had dental surgery, a funeral, and 3 receptions to attend...but when a co worker asked that night what type of procedure was done they had no clue of what was done..a common occurrence).

    Note this person in question, keeps a calendar in their licker keeping track of where we all are working and if she they feel its "unfair" someone has not been in a spot for a bit they complain to the manager and HR about it and about the team lead of how they are scheduling the sort assignments

    The SFA may be a good idea as the management team AM and PM know about the person (in October the person was on the hot seat and was aski g tge PM manaer now our manager if they could transfer to PM and he refused...that is when they called HR and filed a complaint on the entire management staff and contacted the district manager to complain about the senior manager. )

    Yes we understand peple like this are everywhere and why I asked how you all have handed this We are a smaller ramp, our workgroup has about 13 to 15 people.

    The person is just a nighrmare and simply was seeking advice (minus the sarcasm) is frustrated with the person to and sounds as if they are just waiting for the person who hang themself with the games they play

    Thanks again
  20. 59 Dano

    59 Dano I just want to make friends!

    Management's feet need to be held to the fire. If their subordinates opt to stand around with their thumbs up their butts, then have at it. This time next month, they'll still have the same issues. This time the month after that, they'll still have the same issues, and so on.